Headband with dog ears. Carnival Crafts

Headband with dog ears. Carnival Crafts

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Children have a great time during Carnival, one of their favorite parties. They love to dress up and imitate other characters or animals, and now they can do it with a simple costume thanks to this dog ears craft.

You only need felt and a headband to get a nice accessory for your costume. Use the template to make dog ears as you like, because it is a very simple and inexpensive craft.

  • Brown felt
  • Brown bow
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Plastic headband

1. Line the headband with a brown bow. Put some glue on one end and carefully wrap the bow around the headband. You can put another point of glue towards the middle, and again at the other end. Cut what is left.

2. Cut out the template for the dog ears. You can download the dog ears template. Remember to also cut the tab to fix it to the headband.

3. Put the template on the brown felt and mark two ears. Cut them out.

4. Place the ears with the headband on top, so that they are centered. Put glue on the tab and close it around the headband. Press for a few moments so that it sticks and do the same with the other.

5. You have the headband ready! Complete the costume with brown clothes and some fancy makeup.

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