Children can also suffer from high cholesterol

Children can also suffer from high cholesterol

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There are people, and many, who always have to be aware of the level of cholesterol that appears in their blood tests. Maintaining the appropriate levels of cholesterol in the blood is a way to avoid risks of suffering heart attack or angina pectoris, as well as other vascular problems. We all know that excess cholesterol is not good. The one thing that many don't know is that cholesterol can affect children too.

Obviously the body needs cholesterol. Cholesterol is part of the cell membrane, of many hormones that regulate the functioning of the body and of the bile acids that are part of the bile that allows us, for example, to digest fats. However, excess cholesterol can play a trick on our health, if apart from that we lead a sedentary life and are overweight.

Children with excess cholesterol are not at risk of heart attacks, but they are susceptible to cardiovascular disease. In recent years, some studies reveal the increasing number of children with high cholesterol, due to the type of diet they receive, also sedentary lifestyle, and a family history of cardiovascular disease. According to doctors, it is not advisable to search indiscriminately for children with high cholesterol. They do recommend carrying out blood tests for children who have a special risk of suffering from it, that is, who present:

- Family history of high cholesterol

- A father or mother with cholesterol greater than 240 mg / dl

- A family member who has had heart attacks or angina pectoris

- Risk factors such as being overweight or obese, lack of physical exercise, etc.

The risk of high cholesterol increases with age. That is why it is very important that children receive adequate nutrition from an early age, and that they always do physical exercises and sports. They should avoid, especially after 5 years, foods with a lot of animal fat and saturated, since in general they are the ones that increase the 'bad' cholesterol.

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