Purification Day, February 2. Names for girls

Purification Day, February 2. Names for girls

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Purificación is a name for a girl of Latin origin with a clear meaning that refers to purity and luminosity. The name originates from the feast of Christian tradition referring to the Virgin Mary and is equivalent to that of Candelaria or Candela.

The three names are therefore perfectly valid for your girl, especially if she was born on February 2, which is when the day of Candlemas or the day of Purification is celebrated.

The name Purification implies an emotional, sensitive and harmonious personality. Balance is the key to this character that equates reflection and impulsiveness, seduction and the need for protection, and cunning and spontaneity.

Purification is like this, a person who exerts a great influence on others, a lover of beauty and tranquility.

The name of your daughter refers to the act that took place 40 days after the birth of Jesus Christ, in which the Virgin Mary takes the child to the temple to consecrate him to God. A kind of ritual of purity and cleanliness that puts an end to the Christmas period.

The name Purificación was widely accepted a few years ago, although today Candela is more common.

One of the most prestigious fashion designers is named after your girl, Purificación García, capable of bringing Spanish fashion to all corners of the world. Like another designer, but this time, of footwear and using one of the preferred diminutives of the name Purificación, Pura López.

On the other hand, if you choose Candelaria as the name for your girl, you can find countless places called that, both in Spain and in Latin America, there are even some islands in the South Sandwich archipelago. But without a doubt, the name related to Purificación and Candelaria that is most fashionable today is Candela.

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