How to avoid falls and shocks of children

How to avoid falls and shocks of children

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Curiosity and a lack of notion of danger make children prone to falls and blows, many of them unimportant, but others that place them in more dangerous situations. Avoiding falls and bumps is therefore a task that parents have on a daily basis.

One of the biggest falls my daughter had was when she was only 10 months old. I left her lying in the middle of my bed, surrounded by cushions, while I went to the kitchen, when suddenly I heard a huge bang that sounded like an earthquake to me. I ran to my room ... What a carelessness!

Fortunately, nothing serious happened to my little girl, but I wondered many times how that could have happened, since I had left her protected between a pile of cushions. I wondered why she hadn't left her in her mobile crib near me. I blamed myself, of course, but that's how accidents happen, when we least expect them, because of a mistake, because we don't measure the consequences of our actions, because we trust too much in our fortuitous decisions.

Falls and bumps are among the most common causes of childhood trauma in the home. Even if you think your little one is protected, exercise caution. If the baby is in the crib, find out if the bars are secure, if their height does not allow the baby to jump out of the crib, and the like. Even if your baby seems smarter for his age, never trust the stairs, doors, chairs, balconies, windows, etc. Protection and safety should be routine. It is not about overprotecting your child, on the contrary, it is about giving him security.

If you want the little one to have freedom, you must create an environment and an environment without dangers and without risks for him:

- Put bars protection on stairs and windows.

- Put stops on the doors of the house and base cabinets.

- Put rounded silicone protectors on the edges of furniture and drawers.

- Put anti-slip pads under rugs and in the bathtub.

- Put safe rails on the bed.

- Keep all electrical appliances out of the reach of children.

- Watch the little ones in the bathtub, and also when they enter and leave it.

- When the baby begins to crawl and walk, put on non-slip shoes and socks.

- Supervise baby's games, to prevent them from hitting themselves with a toy.

- When the baby is sleeping in his crib and in his room, it is advisable to have a baby monitor. They are comfortable devices that allow parents to carry out tasks around the house while still caring for their baby.

- If there is a ladder in the house, put up a fence to prevent the baby from going down or up it, without the supervision and support of an adult.

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