Saint Agatha's Day, February 5. Names for girls

Saint Agatha's Day, February 5. Names for girls

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Águeda is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'the one who is good'. It is the same name as Ágata but with a different linguistic evolution, but in any case both names are ideal to highlight the virtues of your girl.

Both Águeda and Ágata are original names without falling into eccentricity. Celebrate your name day 5th February, which is the day of Santa Águeda.

The name Águeda reflects all the delicacy and sensitivity of a sociable girl, without losing any of her strength in character. Because Águeda is delicate and emotional, but at the same time brave and courageous, determined to achieve her goals and to provide well-being for her family. Seductive and with great creative gifts, Águeda also triumphs in social relationships.

Although Águeda is not one of the most frequent names, it is still valid, providing an air of nobility that is difficult to match. Most used is Agate, especially in other countries, where it is kept with hardly any variations in its shape. Italy is perhaps the country in which more girls are named Águeda or Ágata due to the influence of the local Saint.

We like the Asturian variant of your daughter's name Gadea and there are many famous women who have carried the name Águeda or Ágata. Especially recognized is the Spanish designer Ágata Ruiz de la Prada, whose complex clothing designs have been around the world. With as many followers as detractors, this woman reflects like nobody else the special charisma of the name.

There are also many places around the world with the name Águeda and we cannot forget the Agate stone, which is highly appreciated in the world of jewelry. But if there is one person who has popularized your daughter's name, it is the English mystery novel writer Ágatha Christie.

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