My grandfather. Short poems for children

My grandfather. Short poems for children

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How to get children to be attracted to poetry? A good way is to read with them poems that are related to what they know or feel and thus they feel identified. We can start by sharing with them this charming and sonorous poem by Pablo cassi, which talks about the tender and meaningful gifts their grandfather gave them, when he was still a child. A poetry for children of all ages.

On our site we offer you short poems for children to memorize and recite to grandmother or grandfather. It will make you very excited.

When i was a kid

my grandfather gave me

his peasant customs,

the mossy peace of winter

and a kite for September.

Taught me

to find smiles

among sad people

to sing with the Queltehues

a hymn to the dawn;

to run through the paths without a trace,

and climb the swings

of the willow in the estuary.

My grandfather gave me


good things.

Authored by Pablo cassi, Chilean writer and journalist.

It is known as Queltehues, a very popular bird in Chile that lives in fields and damp terrain. In cities, you can find this pretty bird in open meadows, parks, and gardens.

The Queltehues are very lively birds and attentive to any hint of danger, they are perfect sentinels both day and night. When they observe an alert situation, they let out a shrill and unmistakable metallic cry that can be heard in the distance. This is its main characteristic.

It is a bird nidifuge, that is, as soon as the chicks are born they are already able to run and protect themselves.

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