The lies of our children

The lies of our children

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We have all smiled at some time at the lies of our young children, when their simple attempts to deceive older children are so obvious that they reflect their innocence and cause us more tenderness than concern.

However, if his eagerness to hide the truth becomes a habit or one more tool in his relationship with Mom and Dad, we can become concerned.

Parents must find out what are the reasons why their child uses lies as a strategy or resource, as well as measure the consequences that they may have on their behavior. There are different possible reasons. To begin with, children try to hide their wrongdoings; And, just as we older people do, they more or less 'scandalously' modify their version of events.

Hiding their hands when they have all the wet pajamas and the tap still spills abundantly, seems to us a silly way to lie, but for them it is the only 'easy' way out, rather than admitting their mischief. To avoid this behavior, it is better to lovingly teach them to recognize when they do something wrong and learn to be good children, rather than to get upset directly (which will reinforce the behavior) or laugh (which will also help them feel proud of their behavior). successes when it comes to 'making it fun' for daddy and mommy).

Children also try to trick us to gain some advantage, trying to change our appreciation of reality: for example, saying that they have not eaten chocolate when they ask us for a candy, while the corners of their mouths or the neck of the shirt are stained with the remains of the last chocolate. Or say that they have done their homework to be able to watch television, when they have not. Also in this case we must teach them that they should not deceive us, and ask them several times making them understand that we know the truth despite their attempt to hide it (have you really not eaten a chocolate? Come on tell me the truth, didn't you just eat a hottie? Don't fool mom, she wants you to be good).

Lying is always bad, even in the minds of our little ones because although at first it may be part of their fantasy or an innocent resource to achieve something, it can become habitual bad behavior; In the beginning, they do not usually harbor the desire to do harm with it, but to gain an advantage or avoid punishment. Our patience and affection will help them understand how important it is to face reality, whatever it may be, trusting that mom or dad will give them the best, and will know how to understand their antics ... Who can resist their tenderness, even when they innocently try to justify their 'misdeeds'!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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