Body odor in children. Tricks to avoid it

Body odor in children. Tricks to avoid it

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There are children whose feet smell from a young age. Even babies. And there are children who begin to give off body odor at a very young age. At that moment, the parents ask themselves a question: Can my 6 year old use an adult deodorant? What can I do to prevent body odor in my child? Here we explain why the bad smell occurs and what you can do to avoid it.

The smell that the armpits give off tends to haunt us after puberty. But there are children who have this problem much earlier. It is not the normal thing, and if it happens, it is necessary to consult with the pediatrician. It may be due to the type of food the child consumes. If strong foods such as garlic or curry are abundant in your diet, they can seep through the pores of your skin, causing body odor. Children with diabetes also often have this problem, since their metabolism has difficulty breaking down sugar from carbohydrates. In this case, the child's sweat will smell sweet.

Body odor can also be due to precocious puberty. In this case, the child also experiences accelerated hormonal development, including the growth of the glands in the skin (yes, also those in the armpits). Bad odor occurs when bacteria on the skin come into contact with sweat.

Another reason for underarm odor in children is overactive sweat glands. It is a disease that is known by the name of hyperhidrosis. In this case, the only remedy is an antiperspirant or specific injections.

Bacteria are to blame for the bad smell of feet in children. When it comes into contact with sweat, the bad smell is produced. And the feet are the area of ​​the body where more sweat glands are concentrated (250,000), so it is normal that they sweat, and a lot. The foot, being enclosed in the shoe, is more likely to 'nest' bacteria that produce bad odor.

In the case of foot odor, here are some tips to try to avoid it:

- Maintain proper hygiene of your child's feet. Wash them daily.

- Wear cotton socks (so your foot can breathe)

- Make sure that his shoes do not squeeze him. The tighter your shoes are, the more your feet will sweat. Y try to change shoes often. Don't wear the same ones every day. Also avoid lque are plastic, since the only thing you get with them is to accelerate the sweat of the foot.

- There are products that kill bacteria in shoes. But you can also use the baking soda. Put it generously on the insole of the shoe and leave them in the sun for a few days.

- If the shoes can be put in the washing machine or the shoe inserts, do it: it is the most effective way to kill bacteria.

- If your child's feet sweat a lot, change her socks a couple of times a day.

Regarding the smell of the armpits:

- Try using baking soda. As a home remedy, you can also make an infusion with sage leaves and tomato juice and then rub your child's armpits with a damp cloth. Once dry, you can use a little cornstarch.

- Avoid deodorants that include aluminum and parabens among their ingredients. Look for natural ingredients. Today you find many organic products on the market that adapt to your child's skin.

- Wear cotton clothing. No synthetic fibers Not even those nice T-shirts with laminated drawings that prevent the skin from breathing. And above all, maintain proper hygiene for your children. They should shower at least once a day.

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