Summer fears in children

Summer fears in children

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Most of the children are looking forward to summer, school is over, homework and exams are over, the daily routine becomes more flexible because it is no longer necessary to race against the clock ... the days are getting longer, you don't have to go to bed so early to get up early to go to school, and The holidays are coming!

Even so, there are some children who may have fears, although almost everyone is looking forward to the pool opening or the beach season to begin and being able to bathe, some children are afraid of the water. In that case we can act by following the following guidelines.

1. Fear of water: In the case of a child who is afraid of water: it is better to make the approximations little by little. First we can stay and play in the puddles that make the waves on the beach. When he is there safe and sees that nothing is wrong with him, always accompanied by an adult we will approach the seashore to get our feet wet with the waves, to run when he comes, holding on to dad or mom who will give them the necessary security to be able to do it. When you see that it is fun and safe, we will then go into the sea, always with a responsible adult and first in our arms and then by the hand, because we must not forget that it is still the sea and that it has its dangers.

The fact that the child has gone swimming during the winter and that he sees that he is capable of facing the water, swimming or splashing, will give him security and confidence to be able to enjoy the sea and the pool during the summer. Without forgetting that it is an activity that must always be done under the supervision of an adult and that you cannot take a bath when you are not with a trusted adult (father, mother, grandparents, uncles ...) never by yourself.

2. Fear of bugs: Being bitten by a bug is something that worries both parents and children. What do we do with these fears?

Children have to learn to be cautious, and know that certain critters such as snakes in the field, jellyfish on the beach ... do not touch because it can bite them and that will hurt a lot. They must know that stones are not raised in the field because scorpions and scorpions live underneath and that if it bites them it is poisonous.

But that does not mean that we are all the day aware of all the bugs that we meet and fearful and anguished in case one bit us, because we would not do anything else during the day and we would not enjoy the outdoors.

If you are bitten by a bug, first of all, let's stay calm. Sure they will itch, and bother them, but the last thing the child needs is for their main source of trust and security, their parents, to lose their cool and get very nervous. When it comes to mosquitoes or other types of bugs, a little ointment will be enough to make them less itchy and change the subject so they forget and relax again. If, on the other hand, they have been stung by a jellyfish, we will have to go to the infirmary on the beach.

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