Kristeller maneuver in labor. Risks

Kristeller maneuver in labor. Risks

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More and more women are crying out for a respected delivery. It is not a matter of choosing where the delivery takes place but of choosing how it will be carried out. Respected delivery is one in which the woman can decide, feels safe and trusts that the personnel who attend her will respect her body and the baby's health at all times since they know the risks of certain interventions and do not perform them without clear justification .

One of these interventions that directly threaten the respected delivery is the Kristeller maneuver. For years it was a common practice in many clinics, so much so that many women will have gone through this situation without knowing that today it is a practice totally discouraged in childbirth and even prohibited in some countries.

During labor, at the moment of delivery, a nurse and sometimes two, get on the stretcher and perform a strong pressure with the forearm or both hands on the abdomen. The purpose is to shorten the duration of the delivery and help the baby come out through the birth canal.

The Kristeller maneuver is totally discouraged by the World Health Organization, and obstetric organizations around the world. The main reason for this is that it is not proven that it reduces the rate of cesarean deliveries or that it actually helps to shorten labor. The benefits are few compared to the proven risks:

- bleeding

- placental abruption

- vaginal tears

- rupture of the uterus

- broken ribs

- trauma and injury to the baby

The detractors of the Kristeller maneuver defend that there are other types of interventions less dangerous for women and that they also help the baby to descend. In addition, most of the time it is done without the consent of the patient or prior information about this practice. Pregnant women who do not want the maneuver to be performed on them should know that everyone has the right to decide about their own body and to refuse an intervention.

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