Little basket for Easter eggs. Children's crafts

Little basket for Easter eggs. Children's crafts

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The Easter egg It is one of the most characteristic traditions of this time. The tradition of giving Easter eggs goes back many centuries. It all dates back to the time when Catholic Christians had to follow Lenten abstinence and could not eat eggs or dairy products. The faithful kept them and once Lent was over they gave them away to family and friends.

But what is the relationship Easter Bunny with the egg? Well, very easy, since the rabbit is in charge of bringing the Easter eggs. The tradition of giving eggs on Easter Sunday continues, mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries, the United States and in Central Europe. It is a gift very appreciated by the one who receives them. They are painted in different colors, very striking and are given in a basket for Easter eggs.

    • Color rigid cardstock
    • Glue
    • Pair of scissors
    • Chocolate eggs

advice: you can use cardboard or paper of different colors, depending on the consistency you want the basket to have

Guiainfantil proposes to make this basket to give eggs to friends on Easter Sunday. It is a little basket that parents can prepare with the little ones in the house, due to its ease and speed. A magical and unforgettable moment to enjoy with the family.

1- Draw a 20x20 cm square on the cardboard. Trim.
2- Fold the square in the middle joining two ends.
3- Fold a side point over the triangle.
4- Next, fold the tip on the other side. Trace the top point over the two joined points.
5- Pull the tip that remains on the other side onto the basket
6- And the basket is already made
7- With what is left of the cardboard, cut a strip approximately 15 cm long and 1 cm wide.
8- Glue the tips to the edges of the basket and everything is ready to be filled with some colored eggs.
May everyone have a delicious and happy Easter

Proposal sent by Marlen Gutierrez - Costa Rica

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