Be a mother and a worker. How to reconcile family and work

Be a mother and a worker. How to reconcile family and work

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Reconciling work and family life is not easy, but neither is it impossible. And although work at home should be fair between mothers and fathers, the reality is that in the end women often carry all the weight of the home. has prepared a series of tips on working women, to help you in the decision to reconcile work and family life.

Every March 8, International Working Women's Day is celebrated around the world. The struggle to achieve equality between men and women in the world of work continues. In many jobs, a woman still earns less than a man, doing the same job.

In addition, when they get home, the woman does not usually find parity in housework ... Here you will find advice, opinions of other mothers and answers to many questions that you ask yourself as a mother and as a working woman.

International Day of Working Women. International working women's day is celebrated on March 8. Day to remember the role and participation of women in the process of awareness of their human value within society, the family. The struggle of women for equality, the recognition and effective exercise of their rights.

Famous phrases to celebrate Women's Day. Working Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. On our site we want to pay tribute to all women with some phrases that were said by famous people to elevate and honor women. They are famous phrases to celebrate Women's Day, special for mothers, grandmothers and daughters.

Being a working mom. March 8, International Working Women's Day. How to be a working woman and a mother ... and not die trying. Inequalities between the sexes, both at work and at home, continue to be an obstacle for a woman to keep her job.

The salary of a mother who works at home. What salary do you think housewives should earn? Is your work sufficiently recognized? A dad made an estimate of what he should pay his wife to do all the chores around the house. The result is amazing. For cooking, cleaning, bathing children, washing clothes ... the woman should win ...

How to reconcile children and work. How can we reconcile work with caring for children. For many parents, it is becoming more difficult every day to reconcile work with caring for their children, due to working hours and the financial difficulties of leaving them longer at school or in the care of third parties. We give you some tips to help you reconcile.

Maternity leave by country. How is maternity leave or maternity leave in the world. Compare the different maternity leave in different countries and find the one that corresponds to the country where you live.

Stay home or work? Returning to work after motherhood or staying at home to care for the children is a very personal decision, but in many cases it is the economy that commands, and not the wishes of each one. However, have you stopped to think what is more profitable economically?

To be a working woman and mother. Today is the Working Women's Day or International Women's Day. Things that happen when you are a working woman and a mother. The Women's Day.

Work and keep breastfeeding. Even the busiest women are able to maintain breastfeeding willingly, such is the case of Argentine deputy Victoria Donda, who breastfeeds her baby even in Congress

Postures for pregnant women at work. During pregnancy, a woman's back suffers a lot, especially in the last trimester, at which time the weight of the belly causes the dorsal curvature to change. The midwife Susana de la Flor gives us some advice to avoid discomfort in the lumbar and dorsal area during pregnancy.

When does maternity leave end? On March 8, the International Day of Working Women is celebrated, I would like to pay a special tribute to all those women and mothers who today are overwhelmed because their maternity leave is ending and they have to go back to work.

Return to work after maternity leave. Advantages of returning to work after maternity leave. What feelings, concerns or feelings do moms have at the end of maternity leave. Leave the baby to go back to work.

Tips to keep working during pregnancy. Here you will find some tips to keep working during pregnancy and reduce typical discomforts of pregnancy that can be an obstacle to the work you do.

Quick recipes for working moms. Selection of quick and inexpensive recipes for working mothers, a perfect menu for children's lunches and dinners. In less than half an hour you can prepare healthy and delicious dishes. Simple recipes for mothers who have very little time to spend in the kitchen. Recipes for children.

The stress of being a mother and a worker. Do you think being a mother and a worker is very stressful? There are many working moms who carry the full weight of their hours and their jobs on their shoulders and, in addition, they have little help at home to take care of the children, the house and make meals for everyone. Working Women's Day.

When mom works at home. The difficulties of teleworking or working at home with children around. Working from home can be a great advantage for many mothers, but it is also a great effort because children demand almost constant attention, not to mention housework.

The challenge of being a woman, a mother and a worker. Being a mother is not a title that is acquired by studying at the university, it is a recognition that is achieved with the energy of loving, guiding, caring for, accompanying and protecting children with devotion, whether they are their own or children of the heart. Let's celebrate Working Woman's Day.

Maintain breastfeeding when returning to work. We give you some solutions to maintain breastfeeding when you return to work. Many women wonder how they can organize themselves so that they can continue to breastfeed once their sick leave ends and they return to work. We tell you how to plan feedings and extractions so that you can prolong breastfeeding.

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