How to choose a bilingual nursery for children

How to choose a bilingual nursery for children

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September is the month of the beginning of the new course. A new promotion begins in the nursery. During 3 trimesters the children will play, learn and interact with their peers. Although when it comes time to leave them, it is very hard on the parents. The main thing when choosing the nursery is that it gives you security and tranquility, that your child is being treated with affection and with all the attention he needs. There are many types of nursery. We let's see how to choose between bilingual nurseries.

In recent years, English has become essential in the education of children. In addition to realizing the importance of starting with the language as soon as possible. Thus, the nursery is the perfect setting to help the child to develop bilingual skills in a natural and fun way for him.

Although of course not all bilingual nurseries are the same. There are some clues that can help us when choosing the best one:

- The first thing we should see in a nursery is the attention and dedication towards children. Since without it, no matter how much English they speak to them, it will be of little use to us. First we must have the rest of the child's needs covered. We can see this if we visit the nursery during class hours. Or if they give us security like webcams. Although as always the best way to get to know it is through someone who has taken your child there. And know her inside.

- English has become so fashionable that many kindergartens have put the label of bilingual, dedicating even less than 20% of the hours to English. What we could consider more English classes than bilingual. Must know the level of English of the educators. And which are native. The English accent is worked on above all and it is when it most influences from 3 years. So we should not be concerned that the teacher is Spanish, if she has a good level of English and especially fluency in speaking.

- When we visit the nursery, we must inform us by the educational method used. In Spain, there is no standard method for bilingual education in nurseries. With what they must have their own method, adapted to the needs. A good organization by stages will be essential for the learning of English for the child.

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