The most popular names in Chile for boys

The most popular names in Chile for boys

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It is not always easy to reach an agreement to put the baby's name. Some parents find it necessary to please their relatives by choosing a traditional name although they may prefer a more original name for their baby. In any case, when choosing the name it is necessary to think about the baby, imagine how the chosen name would suit him.

In chili They are clear about it and that is why at the top of the list of frequent names we find all compound names, perhaps because that way they can combine tradition with personal tastes. And besides, a compound name is always a safer bet.

1. Juan Carlos. It is a compound name that combines the Hebrew origin of Juan with the Germanic origin of Carlos. It tops the list of frequent names in Chile for the implicit meaning of freedom and for maintaining a long tradition of two names highly appreciated in the Hispanic world.

2. Marco Antonio. The Latin origin of Marco adds to the mysterious Etruscan origin of Antony in a compound name that takes us directly to the Roman Empire. It is a name that Chilean families like for that distinctive flavor that few names can match.

3. Francisco Javier. This name has a Germanic origin for Francisco which is joined by a Basque origin for Javier. Together they form one of the most popular names in the Hispanic world, being originally a name with strong religious connotations that over time have been diluted in this traditional name for a boy.

4. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Miguel is combined with the Greek origin of Angel in one of the most popular names capable of staying fresh despite its very long tradition. Both names come together seamlessly in a boy's name that has been heard since ancient times.

5. Juan Pablo. It is a name that unites the Hebrew origin of John with the Latin origin of Paul. Together they form a name packed with biblical connotations that inspires trust, respect and familiarity in equal measure. Without a doubt, it is one of the most suitable names for any child.

6. Luis Alberto. This compound name is formed by the union of two names of Germanic origin, something that gives it an unusual strength and personality. Both names work as well together as they do separately or even in other combinations, and in all cases they bring a touch of class and elegance.

7. José Luis. The Hebrew origin of José is combined with the Germanic origin of Luis in one of the most frequent names not only in Chile but in the entire Hispanic sphere. The two names, together or separately, result from such a familiarity that they give off great confidence.

8. Rodrigo Andrés. This compound name is formed based on the Germanic origin of Rodrigo plus the Greek origin of Andrés, resulting in one of the most distinguished names. Its meaning gives off nobility, courage and masculinity, so it can be perfect for your child.

9. Cristian Andrés. The name has a Greek origin for the two forms of the compound. It is one of the most eloquent names that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. And, despite their use, both names maintain all the freshness and originality.

10. Felipe Andrés. This compound name has a Greek origin for its two forms, both very familiar and frequent. Andrés is one of the names preferred by Chilean families, appearing in countless combinations with other names, both traditional and more modern.

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