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18 short stories to fill 2020 with magic and values ​​for children

18 short stories to fill 2020 with magic and values ​​for children

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In We want to fill 2020 with children with adventures, fantasy, magic, values ​​and a lot of literature. Therefore, below we have made a small compilation of children's short stories that you can read with your children at home or with your students in the classroom. What will be your little one's favorite?

Do not hesitate to click or touch on the links that you will find in each of the small summaries that follow to read the corresponding story. Enjoy them a lot!

We start with a small selection of stories that bring great values ​​to children such as generosity, empathy or respect. All the stories are led by friendly characters that attract the attention of children and make them feel more open to listen to the teachings that the story provides.

1. Uga, the turtle
Your children still don't know Uga's story? The turtle in this story was very slow, so it always finishes things or arrives at places last. Being aware of her slowness, she decided that it would be best not to try anything because she would always be the slowest to do so. However, his animal friends helped him realize that we always have to persevere and keep trying to be able to surpass ourselves.

2. The bunnies who did not know how to respect
This story speaks of respect, but also of kindness, generosity and helping the elderly. The story is starred by some rude bunnies who treated their neighbors very badly. However, your grandfather Serapio will teach you why you have to treat everyone with consideration.

3. The lazy bird
This sweet story teaches children the value of effort. The protagonist of this story is a somewhat lazy bird who always delays and leaves everything to the last moment. So much so, that he was not able to get up at the agreed time when the rest of his flock left for a warmer area, so he ended up alone. If you think your child can identify with this little bird, don't hesitate to read this story with him.

4. Looking for peace
Explaining the concept of peace to children can be very difficult. However, teaching children to live in communion and in peace with the people around them is very important. It will help you to be happier in the present, but also in the future. That is why we bring you the story 'Searching for peace', in which the story of a king is told who asks the artists of his kingdom to make a painting for them that reflects peace. What will this work of art be like?

5. The dinosaur and the little fish
This story has a very interesting moral for all children: there is always a solution for every problem, you just have to look for it. The story tells the story of a fish, who lives with his family in a pond, and a dinosaur that quenches its thirst by drinking all the water in that small lake where the little fish lives. What will happen?

Magic and fantasy have incalculable power, and these tales are full of illusion. The stories that we collect below invite children to dream and let their imaginations fly. Which one will become your little one's favorite in 2020?

6. Pinocchio
This is a classic title that all children like. In addition to transmitting such important teachings as the value of truth or kindness, Pinocchio envelops children in a fantasy world where fairies exist and grant our wishes when we behave well.

7. The good-natured giant
This famous tale by Roald Dahl introduces us to a huge giant with an even bigger heart. However, in his world of giants, not all are good ... Don't let the year go by without reading with your son this beautiful story full of fantasy and illusion.

8. Juan without fear
This life-long tale tells the story of a little boy who is afraid of nothing: not giants, not monsters, not evil knights. This story can be very helpful in helping your child confront his fears.

9. Tale of the Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Pain is in charge of helping the children with their tooth aches and brings them a small gift when they fall off. Does your child know the story of the Pérez mouse? Enjoy it all together! It is sure to make your little one dream.

Children love animals, so the stories that are starring them are their favorites. If there is something that the following short stories to read and enjoy in 2020 have in common, it is that friendly dogs, adorable kittens or friendly birds appear.

10. The elephant Bernardo
Bernardo is a very mischievous elephant and a bit boastful. In order to laugh and have a good time, he does not hesitate to make fun of his friends or play practical jokes on them. However, he will end up learning that you always have to treat everyone around you with respect, just as you like to be respected. This fable invites children to reflect, but also some adults.

11. Starfish
This story is carried out by a starfish, who falls in love with an octopus. But, beyond this love story, the story sends an important message for children: you should not change to like people more. This story will help you make your child understand why it is important to accept and love yourself.

12. The Pompous Bear
The Pomposo bear is a bit peculiar, since it is always dressed in a very curious and striking way. The wolf laughs at him and tries to ridicule him, but the rest of the animals defend him: each one is as it is and that makes us great. This story talks about respecting differences and making fun of those who are not like us.

13. The swift hare and the envious rabbit
The hare, in addition to being the fastest in the forest, was brave and generous, unlike the rabbit. This story teaches children that envy is not a good counselor and that jealousy leads us to bring out the worst in ourselves.

And to finish this selection of short stories for 2020, we propose you some titles of varied themes that enchant young people, but also adults. All of them are excellent educational resources to educate children in different aspects of everyday life.

14. Carola's nightmare
When children misbehave (or at least not the way we expect them to behave), we look for a thousand and one way to achieve a change in attitude. The stories are positioned as an excellent and useful educational resource that can make children realize that their behavior is not being appropriate. This is the case of Carola, a girl with a very bad mood who stars in this story. She gets angry with her parents and decides she wants to find better ones. Will you notice their bad behavior?

15. A friendship lost to bites
Almost all children usually go through a stage in which they tend to bite their parents or friends. Often this reaction is because they do not yet have the tools to express their anger or anger when something does not go their way. Parents must make children see that you cannot bite other people because we hurt them. And the story that we propose talks about it. Do not hesitate to read it together.

16. Ana and the mouse club
Some children are lazy to brush their teeth, right? The same thing happened to Ana, the protagonist of this story, until her tooth began to hurt a lot. With this story you can explain to your children why we need to brush our teeth several times a day. It's for our health!

17. Damien, the child of tears
Damien cried and cried and cried and cried again. So much so, that very few people knew what color her eyes were, because they were always very red from crying. If your child is one of those children who does not stop crying, just like the main character in this story, the short story that we propose here can help you deal with this situation.

18. Tale of the solar system
And, to finish this compilation of stories for the entire year 2020, we propose a very curious story that usually attracts the attention of children: a story about the formation of the solar system. With this story, children can learn the names of our neighboring planets in a more fun way.

Enjoy these short stories in 2020 to the fullest!

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