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The little corporal. Biography on Napoleon's tale for children

The little corporal. Biography on Napoleon's tale for children

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Ask your children this question: Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? You may be familiar with this name ... but do you really know who it was? Read with them this biography in a children's story about the life of the French Emperor Napoleon. In addition, we propose some reading activities and some curiosities about France so that children can learn more about this country.

Napoleon was very good at mathematics.

- 3x1 = 3, 3x2 = 6, 3x3 = 9! - He sang while parading with his seven brothers in the military style.

- Right! Left! Fiiiiirmes! - He shouted as his brothers followed him obeying his orders.

Thus it was growing; clearly showing his leadership skills and at the same time his determination to achieve all his purposes.

How was he so ambitious and I wanted to rule over everyoneHis friends began to tire of him, but Napoleon, accustomed to getting everything he wanted, rose as a leader and appointed himself the head of his gang.

- Who do you think you are? - some said while the others defended him.

And so his power was spreading over the people of his city and the surroundings. He decided to join the army and paraded again, this time with the soldiers.

- Right! Left! Fiiiiirmes!

The more his ambition, bravery, pride, intelligence and greatness grew, the more his cruelty and fame grew.

In his eagerness to command became emperor of France and he conquered several European countries, but at the Battle of Waterloo he was defeated by the English, who captured him and took him to prison on a lonely island in the middle of the Atlantic: Santa Elena, where he died hated by some and loved by others.

In addition to getting to know a little better who Napoleon was, this short story biography can help your children practice concentration and attention. Do you think he has been attentive to history? Enough to know how to answer the following questions based on the story?

Below we propose a reading comprehension exercise in format 'true or false'. Some of the following statements are true, while others are false. You can ask your child that, in case there is one that is not true, he has to try to justify and correct the sentence.

1. The boy Napoleon hated mathematics.

2. When he was little, Napoleon did not like to command and be obeyed.

3. Everyone supported Napoleon and agreed that he should be the boss.

4. When Napoleon grew up he was intelligent, but very arrogant and cruel.

5. Napoleon would not come to rule any country.

6. Napoleon never lost any war.

If you don't know how to answer all the questions, you can read the story again.

Napoleon is one of the best known historical figures in France, so this story can lead us to talk with our children about the culture, history and traditions of this country. Here are some curiosities that you can learn and share with your child so that he can discover the beautiful Gallic country.

- The flag of France has three colors: blue White and red. Or as they say: bleu, blanc et rouge. These three colors form three vertical bands, that is, from top to bottom.

- France is a medium-sized country. If we made a list of all the countries according to their surface, France would be in the position number 43. However, when it comes to population, it is the 20th most inhabited country in the world with more than 67 million inhabitants.

- The capital of France is Paris (besides being the most populated city). It is a beautiful city where we can enjoy such iconic monuments as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral ...

- The food of France is very very rich, it is one of the countries with the most and best gastronomic tradition. Typical there are crepes, croissants, vichyssoise, quiche, macarons ... All delicious!

- Did you know the hunchback of Notre Dame is from France? Yes! In fact, it is the character from the book 'Our Lady of Paris' by Victor Hugo.

Who wants a trip to Paris?

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