They found out on the moon. Christmas poetry with rhyme for children

They found out on the moon. Christmas poetry with rhyme for children

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Does your child like poetry? Poems help children to develop their imagination, but they also invite them to learn new vocabulary, to improve their oral expression or to know and work on their sensitivity. If to all this we add a little Christmas spirit, we find an ideal entertainment for these dates. Don't miss this pretty Christmas poetry with rhyme intended for children to recite and read with your family. It is entitled 'They have found out on the moon'.

The following poetry by Marisa Alonso talks about the birth of the baby Jesus. It is a beautiful short poem, 10 verses, so it will not be difficult for you to learn it by heart to recite it out loud.

they have found out on the moon

for the howls that it puts

The stars have heard it

the planets and stars

and they have decided between all

give him a rattle,

with urgent certificate

and messenger kites.

Take advantage of reading this poem to propose some useful and educational activities for your children. It is that, from what is told in the story, they can work on certain skills and certain concepts. Here we propose some comprehension exercises.

1. Reading comprehension in a 'true or false' exercise
We start with some 'true or false' questions regarding what you just read. Some of them are true and fit the story; others are false. If they are not true, ask your child to try to justify why the statement is not true.

- Nobody has found out that Jesus was born, because he has been very silent.

- The baby Jesus cried and screamed so much that his cries have reached the stars.

- The stars and the stars have been very angry with the baby Jesus for making such a fuss.

- They gave him a rattle.

2. Word families
Once the reading comprehension exercise is finished, we suggest you continue working on a concept that children learn in the language course. Does your child know what a word family or a lexical family is? It is a set of words that share the same root. Being from the same family, they all have a similar meaning. An example could be, for example: child, childhood, babysitter, toddler, childish ...

To work on this concept, you can ask your child to think of different words from the same family in these examples from the text that we propose ...

- Cradle

- Moon

- star

- Planet

3 Word stress activity
As the last language exercise from this poem we propose an activity related to accents. Encourage your child to point out how many of these words that appear in the poem are sharp, which are flat, and which are spruce.

Remember that acute words are those whose stressed syllable is the last (and are stressed when they end in n, s or vowel); plain words have the stressed syllable in the penultimate place (and carry accents when they do not end in n, s or vowel); and the esdrújulas that have their stressed syllable in the antepenultimate (and always have an accent).

[Read +: Basic spelling chart for kids]

What type of word are the following examples that have appeared in the Christmas poem?

- Born

- Jesus

- Planets

- Luceros

- rattle

- Messengers

4 Alphabetical order
As an extra exercise, do you think you will know how to order the words from the previous exercise in alphabetical order? If you want to complicate the exercise a bit more so that it is a challenge for your child, suggest that they order them alphabetically, but in reverse; as if the alphabet started with Z and ended with A. Surely this exercise will also make you think for a while!

And, so that the fun is complete, below we propose more Christmas poems to have fun with your children.

- The baby Jesus and the orange tree
This anonymous poem tells that, on the way to Bethlehem, the baby Jesus began to cry because he was very thirsty. Luckily, the Virgin Mary found an orange where its kind owner offered his fruit for the little one and his family.

These verses, in addition to being always curious and funny for children because of their rhyme, speak of a very important value that we must teach children, both at Christmas and during the rest of the year. We refer to the value of generosity and solidarity.

- A pacifier for baby Jesus
This tender poem, one of the most beautiful you will read at Christmas, talks about the gifts that the Magi have brought to the Child at his birth. Indeed, they brought him gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But also a pacifier!

To have even more fun with this poem, you don't have to settle for reading it and reciting it, you can also use it as lyrics to create your own Christmas song. To do this, you can take the melody of a Christmas carol that you already know or you can invent a song.

- Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Different generations have enjoyed this beautiful poem by Gloria Fuertes. It tells in a very funny and particular way the birth of the child Jesus with the arrival of the Magi, with the shepherds (very modern because they go on motorcycles), etc.

Because of the way in which the poet describes everything that is happening in the Bethlehem portal, it is very easy to get a mental image of the situation. Therefore, it will not cost the children anything to take paints and paper to draw the scene as they have imagined it.

- Jesus, the sweet one, is coming
This poem written by Juan Ramón Jiménez talks about what happened in the Belén portal that day in December. Because of its rhythm and rhyme, children often find it a very attractive short poem. So much so, that it does not usually cost them much to learn it by heart to recite it.

If you are looking for a very original Christmas greeting for your closest family and friends, you can record your children while they recite this poetry and send the video along with a message of affection.

- Story of the birth of Jesus
And to finish, although it is not a poem, we could not help but suggest that you read the story of the birth of the Child Jesus with your children. This tells the story of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph and how they had to stay in a manger for the baby God to be born. But, in addition, it allows your children to meet the Magi who, although they are already well-known figures for them since they bring them the toys, in this way they will know their origin.

And with these Christmas poems, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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