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The Giant Child. Children's story about the Rights of the child

The Giant Child. Children's story about the Rights of the child

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With this story, parents and children will be able to reflect on the Rights of children. According to Declaration of Children's Rights, 'the child must be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and abuse. The child shall not be allowed to work before the appropriate minimum age ... '. offers them the story 'The giant boy', so that children understand the concept of exploitation and abuse of children.

One day a very big boy came to a town that seemed a bit special to him. All the people were very small. The boy was very hungry and they fed him.

As the boy did not find his parents in that town, he thanked them for the food and was about to leave to continue looking for his parents, when they told him that what he had eaten cost a lot of money and that he would have to pay for it. But the money the boy had was not worth paying in that town.

They told him that he would have to work to pay for their food. The boy replied that he did not know how to work because he was a boy. They replied that he was too big for a child and that he could work better than anyone because he was a giant.

So the boy, who was very obedient, went to work. Since he worked a lot, he became very hungry and had to eat again. And since he was very tired, he had to stay there to sleep. And the next day he had to work again to pay for food and lodging.

Every day he worked more, every day he got hungrier and every day he had to pay more for food and bed. And every day he was more tired because he was a child.

The townspeople were delighted. As that giant did all the work, they had less to do every day. On the other hand, the children were very worried: the giant was getting thinner and sadder every day. They all brought him their snacks and food scraps from home; but still the giant was still starving. And although they told him wonderful stories, the sadness did not pass.

So they decided that, so that their friend could rest, they would do the work. But since they were children, that hard work exhausted them and also, since they were always working they could not play, or go to the movies, or study. Parents saw that their children were tired and weak.

One day the parents found out what was happening and decided that the giant should be punished for letting the children do the work, but when they saw the giant child's parents arrive, who were traveling the world in search of their son, they understood that they were wrong. The giant was really a child!

That child left with his parents and the elders of that town had to return to their tasks as before. They would never force a child to work, even a giant child.

Text by: Jose Luis García Sánchez and M.A. Pacheco.

(This story is part of the series The Rights of the Child, stories dedicated to illustrating the principles of the Decalogue of the Rights of the Child proclaimed by the UN.)

November 20 has been celebrated since 1959 as Universal Children's Day, a date to show that, unfortunately even today, there are still many children who cannot be children: they cannot play with friends, they do not go to school, they do not have access to adequate health care, they are forced to work, they lack a home, they do not receive adequate food, they cannot express their opinion and they do not even have a home or nationality.

And, although that day the UN General Assembly approved the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 it approved a declaration to protect Children's RightsIt was not until November 20, 1989 when a legal text was established that many countries undertook to sign in favor of the smallest.

It is a day for a day to foster brotherhood between the boys and girls of the world, and promote their well-being with social and cultural activities and, above all, to show the world and the main political leaders that there are many children still not they enjoy rights and live in devastating situations. We must work so that all children, regardless of the place or conditions in which they were born, have a better future!

Just as we celebrate saints or our children's birthdays, why not do the same with November 20, International Day for Children's Rights? Whether you are a teacher, mother or father, here are some very original and easy-to-carry ideas?

- Explain what is celebrated today and what rights they have. And, of course, you have to keep fighting so that all children can have a life like them.

- Today we are all going to be blue and this color is related to UNICEF, the United Nations agency that works to guarantee the rights of children. We suggest that you paint your face or nails blue or dress in this tone.

- You can tell him the story that we have shown you above or, also, with the help of the internet, show them famous phrases about children and childhood.

- This activity will surely love: What if they draw a picture of what being children means to them? If you do it at home, you can stick on the refrigerator door; If you are a teacher, you can make a collage with all the photos.

- What would a world ruled by children look like? They would probably come up with a lot of good ideas to help us create a better world. As today is their day, we are going to let them take the lead and show us the way to a more prosperous future for all.

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