Santa Claus Christmas stories for children

Santa Claus Christmas stories for children

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The Christmas It is a time of family reunion, of encounters, of spending long afternoons with the children. And a good time to sit down and play, to cook delicious cookies with the children and of course, to tell stories. One of the most beloved characters of these holidays is Santa Claus, therefore, below we have made a small compilation of santa claus christmas stories that you can read with children. You will love them!

Christmas stories always carry positive values ​​and messages for children. Values ​​such as love, kindness, generosity or empathy are present in numerous stories related to the Magi, Santa Claus or the Child Jesus.

If there is someone that children look forward to every Christmas, this is Santa Claus, known in many places as Santa Claus, San Nicolás or Viejito Pascuero.

Santa Claus brings gifts with him, but they are not always material. Since, we have selected a series of stories with Santa Claus or Santa Claus as the main character. Enjoy them with your children!

Reading Christmas stories can be a perfect entertainment for these dates. However, it can also be a very useful activity to work with children on some skills such as reading comprehension, so that they know more about these dates and their characters and, above all, you can create beautiful memories May they last in your heads for a lifetime.

To make the most of reading Christmas stories, we propose below some activities to carry it out. Ho Ho Ho!

- Think of some reading comprehension questions
To find out if your children have been paying attention to what you have read, you can make up some comprehension questions based on the story. To do this, you just have to ask them simple questions (adapted to the level and age of your children) related to what you have just read. If you have been able to get the questions out of the text, your little ones should be able to answer them.

- Tell your children some curiosities related to Santa Claus
Children are naturally curious and therefore always want to learn more and more. They will surely love that you tell them some curiosities related to the protagonists of these stories. For this reason, here are some of them for you to tell them:

  • Did you know that Santa Claus has many different names all over the world? Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Old Man Pascuero, Colacho, San Nicolás ... But in all cultures he is a very nice grandfather and good with children.
  • All families leave some food to receive Santa Claus on the night of December 24, so Santa Claus always puts his boots on. Do you know how much it eats? A curious study published in The Central European Journal of Medicine has calculated how many calories Santa Claus eats that night. To do this, they average that in each household he takes a little milk and three cookies, but also takes into account the great exercise he does when entering and leaving the fireplaces. We invite you to discover it yourself!
  • The figure of Santa Claus that we currently imagine is based on Saint Nicholas of Bari, a bishop who had a reputation for being very supportive of the children who needed him most.

- Dress for the occasion
One of all families' favorite times to read stories is right before going to bed. Therefore, the most normal thing is to already wear pajamas. However, to get more atmosphere you can make your own homemade Santa Claus costume.

- Turn the story into a play
All these stories can be transformed into a play that you can represent as a family. Each member of the family can act out the role of each of the characters. You will have a great time!

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Christmas is a great time to spend time with the family organizing Christmas activities such as crafts or games. Here are some fun ideas.

- Santa's reindeer with rolls of paper
Rudolph is Santa's most famous and beloved reindeer. To decorate your home, you can create these funny reindeer with rolls of toilet paper. You only need a roll, scissors, paints, plastic eyes and pipe cleaners to make the horns. They will look great under your tree to welcome Santa Claus.

- Santa Claus cutlery holder
Decorating the table for Christmas Eve dinner with Christmas motifs is great, but it's even better if you do it yourself. For this reason, we teach you how to make a beautiful Santa Claus cutlery holder step by step. To do this, you only need rolls of toilet paper, scissors, brushes, pencils, glue, paints and colored felt.

- Santa Claus made of ice cream sticks
You don't need big tools or materials to make great decorative ornaments for this Christmas. We propose, for example, to make these cute Christmas tree pendants. They are made with paint, ice cream sticks, and string.

- Santa Claus jokes
Kids love jokes, and who doesn't! So here are some hilarious jokes, all related to Santa Claus. Encourage your children to learn them so they can tell them later to their friends. They will have a great time.

Here, an example:

  • A boy wakes up on Christmas Eve night to find Santa Claus coming through the chimney of his house. He took the opportunity to ask him: 'Santa Claus, why after so long and with how old you are are you still coming through the chimney?' To which Santa Claus responds: 'Because nobody has the detail to leave me the house keys under the doormat at the entrance!'

- Elf makeup
There are children who love to dress up, so they will also want to dress up in something special for Christmas. If you have not had time to buy or make a gift, you can go to the most helpful thing: make him a nice makeup of one of his favorite Christmas characters. For example, do you dare with this fantasy elf makeup? It is very simple to do, but the result is very beautiful, right?

And, as Santa Claus would say ... Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas to all!

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