The Child Jesus goes to the festival. Short Christmas poetry with activities

The Child Jesus goes to the festival. Short Christmas poetry with activities

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This Christmas, you can't stop reading Christmas poems as a family. These will not only fill your children with the Christmas spirit, but will help them to know the history that surrounds these holidays and to develop their sensitivity. If, in addition, you accompany the reading with some comprehension and language activities, the verses can become a very useful educational resource. Then you can read with the children the Christmas poetry 'The Child Jesus is going to party'. Merry Christmas!

The sun suddenly clouded

and they ran out of light

at that moment Maria

when the full moon rises

and lighting up with candles

they made a festival.

Maria stayed home

to be able to rest,

Saint Joseph accompanied her

and the boy went out to dance.

Christmas poems are great entertainment for these dates. But, in addition, we can use them as a didactic resource to work on some skills or concepts with children. For this reason, below we propose some fun and very useful activities to work with the little ones.

1. Reading comprehension questions

First of all, we propose several reading comprehension questions that will help you to know if your child has understood the poem and if he was attentive while you read it. In case he does not know how to answer them, you can read the verses again, this time paying more attention.

- The shepherd boys began to sing when the Child Jesus was born. True or false?

- The birth of Jesus was not celebrated too much, since everyone went home when they learned that Mary had given birth. True or false?

- María and San José went to the festival too. True or false?

2. Look up the most complicated words in the dictionary

For your children to understand the message and the content of this Christmas poetry, they must understand all the words included in the verses. While the vocabulary in this poem is not complicated, it is possible that younger children may not understand one of the most important words in the text: 'verbena'.

Encourage them to look up what this word means in a physical dictionary. Depending on the age of your little ones, you can let them do it themselves or help them find it. Seeing that you are looking for information about what you do not know is a great example that will stimulate their curiosity and desire to know more.

3. Work on synonyms and antonyms

Some children find it difficult to understand and learn what synonyms and antonyms are, so here is a related activity. As you well know, synonyms are words that have the same or very similar meaning, while antonyms are the opposite.

Will your children know how to find a synonym and an antonym of the following words that appear in this Christmas poem?

- Full

- Stay

- cloud

- Light up

4. Talk about the phases of the moon

In this short Christmas poem the full moon is mentioned, to talk about the moment in which the shepherd children began to sing in honor of the birth of the Child Jesus. This reference can serve as an excuse to explain to your children what and what the phases of the moon are.

To support this explanation, you can help yourself with this other poem by Marisa Alonso, which explains how the moon changes throughout the month. However, you can also propose a simple but useful experiment that shows them in a very graphic way.

If you liked this Christmas poem, you will also love the following poems. They are perfect to read and recite on these special days.

- The birth of baby Jesus
With this beautiful story you can let your child know more about the story of the birth of the Child Jesus. It narrates how the archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary that she was going to have the child God in her womb and how he came to be born in a manger, along with a mule and an ox.

- The thief in the portal
This poem, which is quite long, can be used to recite in front of the Nativity scene that you put at home or even to turn it into the lyrics of a Christmas carol that you invent. The verses speak of the love and joy that the Child Jesus brought to this world.

- Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Gloria Fuertes left us precious Christmas poems full of spark and joy. This is an example of it, since it proposes a portal of Bethlehem to which the shepherds arrive mounted on motorcycles and a Virgin Mary who suffers from fever. Feel free to share it with your children to foster a love of poetry.

- They found out on the moon
Like all babies, the Child Jesus also cries, but how is the child God comforted? This is what this beautiful Christmas poem talks about, which can also be used to talk about such an important value as generosity.

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