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9 daily phrases that have a new meaning since I was a mother

9 daily phrases that have a new meaning since I was a mother

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There are phrases and words that we have all heard hundreds of times but that, until you are a mother, do not acquire the meaning that really corresponds to them. It also often happens that with motherhood you discover new and different things that you previously took for granted, has it happened to you too? Then you can't miss the most everyday and daily phrases that for me have a new meaning since I was a mother. You will love them!

Now that I have just started out in this motherhood, my son is 7 years old and my daughter is 2 and it still seems to me that it was yesterday when I first heard that 'mother', I understand many phrases that previously escaped me. Or maybe I should say that there are certain phrases that take on a different meaning.

For example, when I was a child, I always heard my mother say things like: 'wrap yourself up, you're going to get cold', 'give me your hand, we're going to cross the street', 'go to bed early, you'll get up early tomorrow'. Surely you have also heard them from your parents. And sure also that you did not give them the importance they deserve, Until now you are mom and you are the one who says them.

Do we make a list of all those phrases that have stopped being what they were? It's time to give them the meaning they deserve!

1. Young children should eat sitting down
This is a phrase that I used to say when I saw my 2-year-old nephew eat while turning in his chair: he would get up, sit down again, take a toy ... What carefree parents! I thought. Nothing could be further from reality, now that I am a mother and I see how restless the little ones are, I have understood that it is a phrase that lacks sense.

2. A mother is everything to a child
I knew very well that it is a phrase full of love that explains that special feeling that exists between a mother and a child, but I must confess that it was not until I held my first child that those words took on an even greater meaning. Has it happened to you too?

3. Drink the orange juice quickly because the vitamins go away
Let the one who has not heard or said this phrase more than once raise her hand. Why does it have a different meaning now that I'm a mom? Well, because the vitamins do not really go away, what's more, the ideal is to take the orange by bites instead of squeezing it to make juice. How many things are learned with this of motherhood!

4. What am I going to do and find it?
Well, yes, it turns out that it is true and it is also scientifically proven, mothers have the super power to find things at a glance (the toy, the book, the sock that had fallen behind the bed) that they have been looking for for a while. good time our son. Bravo for us!

5. Because I said so, period
This is another of the phrases that have a new meaning since I was a mother. Make no mistake, it is not what you are thinking. The meaning that I find is that of not saying this phrase. In my house limits are set from affection and respect and also from dialogue. Things if they are explained instead of imposed work three times better. I tell you from experience!

And, continuing with this list of phrases that are different from my first motherhood, I can't help but get a little nostalgic and emotional. That is why I have included these other phrases as well.

6. I love you very much, mom
They are four beautiful and sweet words in equal measure that your son said, they acquire an extraordinary dimension. To that you have also found the love of your life when you have your baby in your arms? How exciting!

7. When I was little ...
And I end up saying things to my son like: 'I also got nervous when I had to take an exam', 'I was also scared to go around the house alone if it was at night'. Now that I am a mother and I remember when I was little and listened to them, I realize how tender they are. By the way, at my little one's school, at the moment, the exams are called 'silent cards' so that they don't get overwhelmed, what is a great idea?

8. The brown part of the banana is also eaten and is very tasty
My children eat fruit every day but, as many children do, it is not something they love. So many times they ask me to remove this or that piece that has become 'pocho'. What do I do? Well, take it off! Yes, dear mom, this phrase has a new and much more helpful meaning for me.

9. The phrase 'working mother' is redundant
The words of the writer Jane Sellman are also included in the list of phrases that have taken on another meaning now that I am a mother. I think she does not need any further clarification, surely you also totally agree with her.

It's your turn, add as many sentences as you want and smile every time you read them.

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