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The name of Melchior. Origin and meaning

The name of Melchior. Origin and meaning

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Christmas can also inspire us to choose the baby's name. In addition to the typical Christmas names, we can look at those three Wise Men or wise men from the East who came to Bethlehem to bring gifts to the child Jesus. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are also ideal names for a boy. If your choice is aimed at the first wizard king,attentive to the origin and meaning of Melchor!

The name Melchior is of Hebrew origin and means 'the king of light'. Like the light of the star that the three Wise Men or the three wise men from the East followed to reach the portal of Bethlehem. Or that light that your home radiates after the arrival of your baby. Look at your baby's eyes, isn't he the king of light?

Melchor is an original name, because it has not been widely used despite its long tradition, but it retains that touch of familiarity that makes it special. For the meaning of your name, Melchor has the character of a leader. Not surprisingly, he was at the head of the retinue of those three Wise Men who traveled half the world to meet the baby Jesus. This also gives us an idea of ​​the persevering character that children named Melchior enjoy.

Attending to the symbolism of the Magician King, Melchior was the one who wore gold as a gift, a symbol of strength and power. And all that strength is transmitted in the name of your son who will be able to go as far as it takes to fulfill his objectives. That is one of the things we like the most about this name Melchor.

The biblical tradition related to Christmas can give us many ideas to choose the best name for the baby, like this Melchior who gives off energy and charisma. But There are many other Christmas names for boys and girls ideal for those babies who are born on these dates.

It is a name for a boy known all over the world and celebrates his name day on January 6, whatue is the day of Santo Melchor.It is not that you have to deliver a double ration of gifts, which we always spend with gifts on these dates, but you can double the illusion. Double celebration for a doubly special day, because on January 6 the saint of Melchor is celebrated.

But there are more dates, there are never enough reasons to celebrate as a family.

  • On December 11, for example, it is the day of Blessed Melchior de San Agustín.
  • The 28th of July It is the day of San Melchor de Quirós, a celebration that is enjoyed in a big way in Asturias.
  • And on September 7, Perhaps to start school on the right foot, you can celebrate San Melchor Grodziecki.

Melchior is the name chosen by many parents and we know some important historical figures. One of the famous people who most attracts our attention is the writer and politician, a figure of the Spanish Enlightenment, Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos. It is not only named after one of the Magi, it bears two! Gaspar and Melchor, why didn't you imagine that you could combine the name of your baby?

But without any doubt, Upon hearing the name of Melchior, our mind goes to Christmas. To the first of those three wise men or wise men who came from the east following a star to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the portal of Bethlehem. The tradition is variable and sometimes Melchor is presented as the youngest and other times as an old man.

And the same is true of the gift he gave to Jesus. Some traditions say that he was the one who carried the myrrh, but most claim that he carried the gold. Gold for a king, since Jesus was also the king of the Jews. Then it would be Gaspar who would take care of highlighting the divine character of the child Jesus by giving him incense, that tool of communication with the gods in many cultures. And finally, Baltasar came with the myrrh to show his human character. King, god and man.

In any case, Melchior represents the European peoples, but also wisdom, intelligence and common sense. With its inevitable magic touch for being a Wise King, this name does not lack anything to convey to your child all the good fortune that you could wish for.

Daily traits, words, and gestures will help you get to know your baby little by little, but you can also turn to numerology, the science that studies the relationship between numbers and the character of people. Do you want to know what he tells us about Melchor?

If we add the numbers that are hidden behind each letter until there is only one figure left, we find that Melchior's life will be governed by 2 and, therefore, these are the positive and negative things that we will find in the children's personality so called.

The good Melchor
This digit has long been associated with a value that many parents want their children to learn from a young age: generosity. They are children who do not find it difficult to share and who are always willing to give a hand to a partner. They are often quite cooperative to create a climate of peace in their group of friends, at home, and in their classroom.

The bad thing about Melchor
Despite these characteristics, children called Melchior tend to be a bit lonely, as the large crowds overwhelm them. They are small from one or two friends and not from having a large group. In addition, they need to spend time alone to find that calm that always characterizes them.

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