'My friend has everything and I don't' or how children manipulate their parents

'My friend has everything and I don't' or how children manipulate their parents

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Where is the limit of consumerism in children? What are the tricks used by children to get everything they want? How can we stop this trend? Fathers and mothers, watch out for expression 'My friend has everything and I don't' because it is a phrase with which heChildren seek to manipulate their parents. Let's stop this and teach children to value things.

Sooner or later, perhaps just like we did, our children will come home one day and tell us that 'My friends have everything (referring to the latest generation mobile or the new console that has just been released) and I don't'. Children's environmental influences count for a lot and more when they start to enter pre-adolescence and want to be part of a group. What can parents do in these cases? What to answer them?

First of all, you have to be very careful with this type of 'phrases' because children have great power of persuasion and, sometimes, they know how to manipulate us to get what they want. But the main message that we must send them is that you have to enjoy things and not spend all day thinking about what you have or what you don't have. But so that you can face this situation, here are a series of strategies and tips that can come in handy!

- First, you can take advantage of this conversation to talk about what money is. What it costs to earn and how important it is to use it correctly.

- You can also talk about the values ​​that mom and dad have grown up with and that you want to transmit to them and explain to them that even if the rest of society does it, you don't have to do it because it doesn't go with your philosophy of life.

- Make them see that not everything is consuming. Perhaps you already have one at home and, although it is not of the latest generation, it can be useful to you and you are not willing to change it because 'others have it'.

- And finally, it is always good to make them understand that you are happy for their friend / friends, but that In your house you have rules and criteria and you have to follow them. And that they can play with that mobile or with that console the next time they meet with their friends.

'To what extent is it good to give children everything they ask for?' You have probably asked yourself this question more than once or it has created some debate between you and your partner. It is never good to give children everything they ask for, because the only thing we are doing with this attitude is raising unhappy children, who will not learn to value things and, of course, will not carry with them the value of effort, patience and persistence.

Many times we fall into this error of giving them everything they ask of us, because we had a childhood with deficiencies or because we feel guilty for not spending time with them or, worst of all, we offer it to them without their having asked us. Doing this, we are buying all the ballots so that they are not happy.

Since our children appear their little head and arrive in this world, parents have a clear mission and a great challenge: teach them to value things. How to do it?

- Here adults also have to do their own work and that is we ourselves have to set an example and we have to start valuing things.

- On the other hand, we have to make the children earn things, Let them see that it is not so easy to get something, because only in this way, they will give it a value, and a very outstanding value. You must strive and fight for it!

- Reflect and, above all, not think about what will come next and enjoy the things we have at that time.

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