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9 things I said I would not do as a mother and that I confess to having done

9 things I said I would not do as a mother and that I confess to having done

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Would you like us to play the 'I never ...' game together? We sure have a fun time and it also helps us clarify a lot of ideas. The game consists of making a list with those things you said you would never do as a mother And now that you are a mother, you do them over and over again. I will tell you all those things here, at least the ones that occur to me right now because surely there are many more, and you tell me if you also identify with them and write down as many more you want, is that okay? We started!

This motherhood thing, sure that all the mothers on planet earth agree with me, it is very complicated, beautiful, but super complicated. And I'm not talking about the baby stage in which you spend almost the entire day with your breast out to feed and calm the little one, which also, if not rather, I'm talking about education and all those things you thought you'd never see yourself doing.

In my defense, for everyone, I will say that we do them with the best of intentions. I will also say that many of them are unimportant, indeed, they have more advantages than I thought. Has it happened to you too? These are the things I said I would never do as a mother, and now that I am, I do. Surely you identify with more than one!

1. I will never give junk food to children
Yes, without a doubt a phrase that mothers and fathers have said and that we have not complied with. It's not that bad, is it? I said that I was going to avoid my little ones eating junk food at all costs and now not a single weekend goes by without us having a hamburger and fries together. Seen from another point of view, if only once in a while nothing happens, right? In fact, for us it has become our traditional and exclusive activity for the weekend, to have fun and to talk about our things. Why is it worth breaking the rule that I had set for myself when I was not yet a mother?

2. I will never let you have dinner with the tablet
Well no, I don't let them have dinner with the tablet on the table because there is no tablet in my house, but I do let them eat with their mobile phone more than once and more than two (mine, they don't have their own mobile) or with the television on. The same as in the previous example, nothing happens if it is from time to time!

3. I will never let you spend an entire afternoon looking at the pictures
Well I do it a lot of times when it's cold, it's the weekend and we want to hang out on the couch doing nothing at all. I also gladly join those evenings of pajamas, cartoon movie (in English, of course) and bowl of snacks to share.

4. When I am a mother I will not swear in front of my children
Even less when they just begin to speak, they will not repeat them. Of course, now that I am a mother, nor before, I spend the day saying this or that bad-sounding word, but yes, especially when I am tired, some have escaped me. In my view, nothing happens if I say 'sorry' later. We are all humans!

5. I will never say the words my mother used and hated so much
Surely you adore your mother too and I'm sure there is a word or phrase that she always said when you were children and that you didn't like anything at all. How many times have you said the same thing now that you are a mother? It has happened to me too! Thanks to all the mothers of the world for making sure that we give the best of ourselves.

6. When I am a mom I will never let my children break the rules
I believe that all mothers and fathers are afraid that children will break the rules even before they are born. Why? Well, because we want them to become responsible adults and to be people who always think from reason.

My children often skip the rules like: they don't yell at home, they don't swear, they don't hit each other ... They are wonderful little people with big hearts, but they are children! I tell you another strong reason not to give too much importance to this: the rules, many times, are to be skipped!

7. I will not let him sleep in my bed lest he be a bad habit
Good thing I stopped thinking like that as soon as I had my first child in my arms. Can you imagine all the love I would have lost if I had complied with this rule? I have slept next to my son and daughter many times, so I can tell you that it is something wonderful as well as an excellent time to talk about how our day has gone.

8. I will not let him use the pacifier beyond the year
I confess that my son used the pacifier until he was 3 and a half years old. I know, I know that he should have left it at the end of the year because his teeth might be damaged, but it was a very useful tool for him to get to sleep. My daughter does not use a pacifier, she did not want it when she was two months old and she does not want it now that she is 2 years old, what does she do instead when she is tired or it is time to sleep? Well, what are you thinking, suck your thumb! I suppose that this thing about the little ones doing what you want is not that simple, right?

9. No looking at the cell phone while I'm with them
'Never, ever, will I look at my cell phone when my children are by my side.' Another phrase that I have eaten with french fries, is that, as much as they take all my attention, there are times when it is impossible not to look at the work email, that message from my friend or that funny group photo . What can we do!

It's your turn, add to the list all the things that you said you would never do as a mother, and that now that you are, you do. Surely most of them had no reason at all.

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