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4 phrases that I repeat to myself every day when I put my children to bed

4 phrases that I repeat to myself every day when I put my children to bed

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The other day a mother told me when we were waiting at the school gate for our children to come out: 'what is it that you say to yourself at the end of the day?' It was a question that made me think a lot because, although I had not realized it until now, there are a number of phrases that I repeat to myself when I go to put my children to bed. Do you want to know what they are? You may also tell yourself some of these things.

Maybe all those things that we say to ourselves at the end of the day are a simple routine, or maybe they are the magic formula to improve and be better mothers, fathers and people. The fact is that it is true that there are some other phrases that we always say at the end of the day when we are putting the kids to bed. Here I tell you with all my love my most personal phrases.

1. Don't scold them so much
I kiss my daughter good night and put her in her crib, I give my son another loving kiss and I lie next to him in bed until he has fallen asleep. And it is then, in that instant that the three of us are next to each other, that I say to myself: 'tomorrow don't scold them so much'. Understand me, it is not that I spend all day giving orders and saying scoldings, but it is true that perhaps I could nag less, let them do more things on their own and, therefore, enjoy them more. Do you also usually say this phrase at the end of the day?

2. I am going to keep in my memory what I liked the most about this day
Not long ago, while in the park with my children, my son's friend's grandfather told me: 'when my girls were little, what I liked the most was to sit on the couch at night and remember the best of that day : their laughter, that funny word they had said, the story I had read to them ... 'So, since that pleasant afternoon in the park, I say to myself at the end of the day:' don't forget to review mentally and to keep in your memory what you liked the most about your children this day. ' Trust me, it's worth it.

3. I am proud of ...
This phrase that I repeat to myself every day when I am putting my children to bed is completed each time with something different. For example, yesterday's was: 'I'm proud that my son got good grades in school.' And the one from the day before yesterday is another: 'I'm proud that my daughter told me she wants to poop.' She is just two years old so it is quite an achievement for her and for me too; every thing he or she does is the best of joys.

4. And my favorite: tomorrow is going to be a great day
I say this phrase quietly when I am putting my children to bed, so that I never forget it and so that they know that tomorrow is also going to be a great day, one in which the sun shines if we kiss Good Morning. Nice words like this phrase help us sleep better and drive away nightmares. Surely tonight you also say these beautiful words to yourself.

Let me share one more thing with you, the 4 phrases I say to my son and daughter just before they close their eyes and go to sleep.

With capital letters, out loud and with all the love that is in my heart.

- You are the best, you are the best
Motivation makes them face their day to day with self-esteem and confidence.

- Tomorrow we have to play a lot
It does not matter if it is Monday and we have to go to school or that we are on vacation, every day we play for a while together. It's our favorite moment!

- That you dream beautiful things
And I add: as beautiful as you.

And you? What are the phrases that you repeat to yourself every day when you are putting your children to bed? And the words of love that you say to them? I'm sure I'll copy some of them!

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