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Being a mother today and finding balance with your children and with you is possible

Being a mother today and finding balance with your children and with you is possible

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Being a mother and being a woman at the same time, what a dilemma! But here is the mistake, in raising these two concepts separately and as if one had to choose between one and the other, when this is not the case. Being a mother today and finding balance with your children and with yourself is possible. We just have to get rid of the oppressive feeling of guilt and do things because we feel them and not out of obligation. Up New Age Mothers!

I sincerely believe that the mothers that we can call New Age Mothers have mixed feelings. I'm talking about those mothers who love their children one moment and desperate the next. I mean those women who are now mothers and in 10 minutes are workers, partners, friends, partners ... or want to have a coffee, alone, with themselves.

Finding your balance as a mother, no one said it was easy! But, what characteristics could we say that define today's mothers, that is, New Age mothers?

- A New Age mother is the one who wants to breastfeed her child until he is 6 years old, but sometimes she feels like a prisoner of this decision, because she notices that she does not have freedom "for her own things."

- She is the one that a few months ago did not consider having children, and now, she feels that time does not pass when she is waiting for her children's school route wanting to give her hugs and kisses until they say 'Mom, how heavy you are!'

- New Age mother is the one who thought that having children was a matter of two, and now she knows that it is only a matter of one.

- She is the woman who wants to leave the hospital with her jeans before she got pregnant.

- Or the one that instead of thinking about the basket, is preparing the summer outfit.

- She is the mother who wants to be up to date with everything that happens at her children's school, but does not want to have a relationship or with the WhatsApp group (typical of each class and age).

- She is the mother who keeps sunglasses and headphones as a survival kit, so she does not have to interact with other mothers.

- She is the mother who sometimes goes into a loop and goes to the pre-frozen pizza to prepare dinner, and forget about the world.

And it is that being a mother in current times is not what our mothers showed us. They were clear about the moment, how much, how and how far. We doubt everything:

- Whether we help you do your homework or are old enough to do it alone

- Whether they have to sleep with us in bed, or should they sleep alone.

- Whether to yell at him at a certain moment or make him understand what is being explained to him.

- To read the story to them at night or do a meditation for them.

And so, up to countless other questions that, for us, with so much emotional intelligence, we do not clarify with anything.

If you consider yourself a New Age Mother, congratulations! Doubt is part of our lives, what should not be part of our emotions kit is guilt, or hopelessness, or phrases such as' I could have done better 'or' I'm not a good mother 'or' I feel bad for not doing things thinking, first of my son. ' Therefore, I am going to appeal to the great forgotten teachers of education and they are those who let us act naturally:

- Intuition
Letting ourselves listen to what our heart guides us at every moment, without thinking so much about what is appropriate for that moment.

- Commitment
I promise to lead a happy life, and if for this I am before my son, this will be so. Without fear. Because I am committed, first to myself and then to others.

- Responsibility that is not an obligation
We do things because we want to, not because we are going to brighten the lives of others.

- Common sense
In any situation, stop breathing and act with common sense, because you can trust yourself, because despite doubts, you know that you can do things your way.

- And above all, love, much love, and if it is the good one, much better!

Okay, it's true, this has also always been used, but now we also know that looking counts as saying I love you, that listening is showing interest in what they tell you, that flowing in the park with your child is stopping time and that Being a time-share mother and wife is also another way of being and being for them but above all for you.

Basically, being a New Age Mother is that: thinking about yourself before doing anything, deciding or taking a step, because if you start thinking about others before your own decisions or feeling, finally, you will end up being the mother that everyone expects. But the woman you don't want to be

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