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The worst toxic habits in pregnancy that every woman should avoid

The worst toxic habits in pregnancy that every woman should avoid

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We are going to give you bad news, or perhaps it is not so negative, because after reading it you will be able to decide whether to change something in your life or not, especially if one of your plans is to increase your family. Did you know that everything around us contains chemicals? In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the dining room ... If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, these are the worst toxic habits in pregnancy that every woman should avoid!

They help us every day, for example, cosmetics allow us to hide our falling asleep when we get to the office or, cleaning products, to keep the house in better condition. In most situations, chemicals make our lives easier and we are not prepared to do without them, but perhaps we should limit our exposure to so many chemicals. How to prevent the pregnant woman from being exposed to so many toxic substances that could affect the baby during pregnancy?

- Eliminate dust once a week from the furniture in the house to prevent toxic substances from accumulating that we can breathe.

- Ventilate the rooms of your family home at least twice a day.

- If you have bought any new furniture (it is very normal that you have bought furniture for your baby's room), air the house with more reason and, above all, for longer.

- Try not to stay near electronic devices, preferably when you go to sleep.

- Avoid being in contact with paints, spray cans, and hair dyes.

- Look for perfumes without cosmetics. And when it comes to lipstick, eye pencil or nail polish, you should know that many have lead.

- Do not abuse the colonies during this wonderful time of your life.

- Reduce, whenever possible, the consumption of canned foods or in plastic bags (they contain Bisphenol A).

- Wash fruits and vegetables well before cooking and try not to use non-stick pans (they contain pefoas).

- No food with preservatives, colorants, or additives.

- Clean new spoons, forks, and knives well before using them.

- Be careful with tap water, it may contain detergents or heavy metals that we are not capable of assuming during pregnancy! For this, reverse osmosis filters are recommended, which filter this type of substances.

- Take only medications and nutritional supplements in consultation with your doctor.

And we tell you all this because some chemicals can be potential endocrine disruptors or allergens in pregnancy and, also, can cause premature labor.

The amount of chemicals a pregnant woman is exposed to can have an impact on the development of the child. And, although the placenta should protect the baby, it is not 100% true! Studies have been done in which a higher proportion of substances of this type have been found in amniotic fluid than in maternal blood.

The degree of affection will also depend on the impact of this poison on the woman.

- If it is in a pre-conceptional stage, what there will be difficulties to get pregnant.

- If is one peri-conceptional phase, that is, the first and second weeks after fertilization, exposure to toxins could cause spontaneous abortions.

- If is one embryonic momentAfter 3-8 weeks, malformations could occur to a greater or lesser extent depending on the substance.

- At a later stage, for example, the fetal phase (from the third trimester), there could be an effect on growth, premature labor, fetal deaths ...

If you've already been taking care of yourself throughout your pregnancy, now you can't stop! You have to continue with that new philosophy of life that you have wanted and, above all, you must put it into practice now that your little one is with you. Next, we are going to give you some very useful tips:

- Select fragrance-free products when you buy wet wipes, hygiene products and washing powder.

- Wash all your little one's clothes before you even start using the bibs. When we say everything, it is everything!

- Avoid using lotions daily, soaps and the like on the baby's skin.

- Get diapers that do not contain perfume or cologne.

- Do not buy products that are made with soft PVCas they may contain phthalates.

Don't forget that babies are particularly sensitive to chemicals due to their small size and stage of behavior and development. These same tips and those mentioned above will also help you when you are breastfeeding.

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