The technique of the 7 slogans for children to be good companions

The technique of the 7 slogans for children to be good companions

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In a society where it seems that each one is going to save their own interests, it is important to educate in values ​​to remember the concepts of empathy, companionship, teamwork or compassion, so that whatever we do, we always take into account the people who They surround us in order to create a productive and happy work, educational and / or personal space. That's why it's so important teaching children to be good companions. And, to achieve this, I propose the technique of the 7 slogans.

By teaching children to be good companions, we will be in some way avoiding some of the most common problems in the school environment. These are some of those that, unfortunately, are lived in the school area today.

- BullyingWe have all heard of bullying, but we really know what bullying is. It consists of physical aggression, teasing, laughter, threat, etc. by a person who assumes the role of aggressor or aggressors, towards a person considered as the victim. It is often difficult for a child who is suffering to explain his problem to the teachers because of the fear that this situation causes him.

- Selfishness: or what we consider to be the same 'going to my ball' without practicing empathy or compassion for other teammates and their circumstances. Often this selfishness is generated by new technologies.

- Distinction between social classes: making distinctions between people will make us move away from the equal opportunities of our colleagues. For example by the type of mobile, clothing or computer you use.

- Social phobia: Often characterized by fear of exposure in public. The person who suffers it, will have tachycardia, tremors, sweats, etc ... And in many moments it can be a consequence of the lack of empathy of their colleagues who will make fun of or laugh at him or her, when they are in these circumstances.

Any of these situations will be easier, if we teach our children to be good companions. In addition, by providing this teaching to our children, we will ensure that they can enjoy their friends / colleagues and teachers in the school environment.

To do this, we are going to do a little exercise that we will practice with our children. The practice, which we have called the technique of the 7 slogans, It will consist of taking a motto (we propose them a little below) and working on it every week. So that:

- First we will speak to the boy or girl of the first principle or motto. It is important that we give examples so that they understand it and, if necessary, we can mention stories or films that refer to it.

- And secondly, during the first week of school we will have to encourage you to put this motto into practice.

- Finally, when leaving class, we are going to ask our son to give us examples of small actions that he has carried out with his classmates putting this principle into practice. If he does not have the opportunity to put it into practice in the classroom, he must tell at least 3 classmates how important it is for him to carry out this principle.

And what are the principles or slogans that we should work with children? These are 7 ideas that I propose.

1. All to one, we will get more than one to one
For example, perform a task together with other colleagues. With this motto we will be betting on teamwork, while children learn to be good companions.

2. One day for you, another for me
For the day you put this motto into practice, you should use the expression as is with your partner 'today for you, and tomorrow for me'.

3. If you can't, I'll help you
Thanks to this motto, we will be showing children what empathy is and why you have to put yourself in the shoes of the other.

4. Let's be generous
Let's play with all our classmates, let's not leave anyone alone or apart at recess.

5. Don't do what you wouldn't want them to do with you
We will thus put the concept of compassion into practice.

6. Let's motivate each other
Suggest that the child dedicate one of these motivational phrases to his classmates: Let's go! You can! Courage, friend! And of course we should also encourage him to use them for himself as well. Thanks to this motto we will practice the power of motivation.

7. Emotions are transmitted
Remember that if the class environment is tense, we will all end up stressed… And if it is fun, we will have a great time! Invite your child to talk about how they feel and their emotions with the teachers so that they can help them manage what is happening to them and thus regain the good atmosphere in the classroom. With this motto we will put emotional self-management into practice.

We will carry out this dynamic for 7 weeks, a motto for each day. We will write down the results so that the child feels motivated to continue practicing this technique. Let's not forget that, like any training period, a reward is needed, and for each week we can prepare a surprise for you that will make you motivated to continue with this challenge.

And in a simple way, the child will integrate into his day-to-day the importance of thinking about him but also the need to be enjoying with their companions.

Remember that these teachings can be put into practice to teach children to be good companions, but you can also use them at home, with siblings, cousins, family or friends. And of course, let's not forget that as parents, we are the role model for our children.

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