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Saint Leonor's Day, February 22. Names for girls

Saint Leonor's Day, February 22. Names for girls

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Leonor is a somewhat mysterious name for a girl, since there are different theories about her origin. Many of the experts assure that it is a name of Gallic origin that means 'the one who is bold'. Many associate this name with Elena, although this name is much less frequent. However, Leonor denotes a nobility and elegance that few names can match, and as it is not outdated it can be the perfect name for your girl. Celebrate your name day February 22, which is the day of Santa Leonor.

February 22 is a very beautiful date, especially for those families who have a little girl named Leonor. And this is one of the dates that the calendar of the saints has saved to celebrate their saints. Don't forget to give a big kiss to all the moms, grandmothers and girls who bear this name!

This day of the saints is dedicated to the Saint Eleanor of Provence, also known as Queen Eleanor of England. And it is that this woman, born in the thirteenth century, was the queen consort of the English King Henry III. Her reign lasted from 1236 to 1272. She came from France and returned there when her husband, the king, was captured during a war against his enemies. Once the war was over and he was released, Eleanor returned to England and lived in an abbey until the day of his death.

Did you know that February 22 is not the only date on which the saint of Leonor is celebrated? July 1 is also marked on the calendar. This date is dedicated to a martyr also known as Saint Leonor.

If you are looking for a name, with a touch of elegance and royalty, without a doubt Leonor is a great option for your little one. Your little Leo will be very happy to have received such a cute name as this.

Leonor is a name that has been used since ancient times throughout the western world. We know many variants such as English Eleanor, French Leonore or Italian Leonora, in addition to the diminutive used in several languages, Nora, become in recent years a name in its own right.

If we talk about variants of this name, we cannot leave out some nicknames as beautiful as Leonora, Eleonor or Eleonora. All of them are very traditional (so much so that they are hardly heard among girls anymore), however, not a good option if you are looking for a very original name.

That your daughter's name denotes a certain air of nobility is determined by the large number of queens and women of high birth that have carried it throughout history. Women like Eleanor of Trastamara, Eleanor of Foix, Eleanor of Aquitaine and several Eleanor of Castile ruled over the different kingdoms of Europe. Without forgetting who has been in charge of popularizing the name Leonor in recent years, the eldest daughter of the Kings.

The name Leonor has its representation in literature in Edgar Allan Poe's story 'Eleonora' and also in politics thanks to Eleanor Rooselvet, who was the first lady of the United States. More current are two well-known actresses, the Chilean Leonor Varela and the Spanish Leonor Watling.

According to numerology, each name corresponds to a number. This is obtained from the sum of the figures of each of the letters. In the case of Leonor, we would have the following distribution: L (3), E (5), O (6), N (5), O (6), R (9); the sum of all these numbers is 34 and, by adding 3 and 4, we obtain that Eleanor's number is 7.

Girls who wear the number 7 are babies have a very special personalityl. They are so charismatic that they have many friends, they are nice to almost everyone and they always attract the attention of all their teachers. In addition, numerology says of these girls that they are very active and like to satisfy their curiosities.

The name Leonor reflects a seductive personality, lover of beauty and harmony. Leonor triumphs in social relationships due to her sympathy and magnetism surrounded by a special sweetness. But these characteristics are not an impediment for Leonor to develop a strong, intuitive and sagacious character that make her a true leader and a key figure in the family.

Do you like the name of Leonor? We agree with you that it has a lot of strength and transmits a lot of elegance. However, before finally deciding on this name, you can evaluate these other ideas. We propose you a small selection of other very beautiful names for girls that begin with L.

- Laura
This is a beautiful and classic name that is used in many countries around the world. It is a Latin name that comes from 'laurus', laurel. Therefore, it refers to victory, to triumph. Did you know that in other languages ​​such as English or French, it is spelled the same although it is pronounced differently?

- Lisa
A short and forceful name that is a variant of Elisabeth. This comes from the Hebrew and means 'God has sworn'. To bet on a different nickname, you can also use other names like Liz or Beth.

- Laila
Do you like Laila to call your baby? You should know that it is a name of Arabic origin, whose meaning is related to the night. How exotic!

- read
And if you are trying to come up with a name that is very original and modern, Lea (which can be pronounced as 'Lia') is a very pretty and innovative option. It is a Latin name and its meaning is very wild, since it means 'lion'.

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