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The carnival costume of animals. Stories for children

The carnival costume of animals. Stories for children

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He Carnival It is a party that children love. Costumes, makeup and music allow them to enter a world of color and imagination, in which even adults participate. But what is Carnival really? In this children's story, entitled 'The Animal Carnival Costume', the forest dwellers want to know what Carnival is. Find out if they succeeded!

The Christmas holidays were long gone for the animals that lived in a forest beyond the mountains, the rivers and the sea. The arrival of the cold made them shut themselves up and wrap themselves more warmly at home.

One beautiful morning with a clear sky, the animals woke up suddenly, frightened by the noise coming from outside their houses. A large truck, driven by a zebra, announced with lively music, good news: In a week it's carnival!

- Carnival?

- Carnival?

Leaning out of windows, doors and sidewalks, everyone wondered:

- Carnival? What is carnival?

Even the fish, which looked out over the edge of the lake, and the bears, which came out of their burrows, put on a questioning face.

The zebra parked the truck in a large clearing in the forest and began to distribute invitations to all. But the animals stared at her suspiciously, not even taking a step.

The zebra, angry, protested the lack of interest of the animals in that forest:

- Is that you don't know what carnival is?

A squirrel quickly came down from his tree and replied:

- No, we don't know what it is. What's more, we had never heard this word.

Then the zebra asked everyone to come closer to explain what Carnival was. Curious, the animals surrounded her and silently listened to what the zebra was telling them.

- Carnival is a party that is celebrated every February months. We get together to sing, dance and have fun. They are four days of great joy in which we all strive to fill ourselves with colors, brightness and hope.

The animals, with their mouths wide open, could not believe it. Carnival was all they could dream of in these gray, cold, lonely times ... Then everyone began to shout:

- We want to go, we want to go ...!

The zebra asked for silence and told them that it had not finished yet.

- To participate in our carnival party, there is a condition: that whoever leaves will have to disguise himself.

And before the animals asked them what disguising was, the zebra continued:

- Disguising means dressing up as another character, another person, another animal. You can dress up as a bear, a robot, a clown ... whatever each one wants.

The animals, encouraged, said yes, they would accept the condition. And the zebra, saying goodbye, warned them:

- In 5 days I will stop by here to pick you up. Goodbye!

The animals went to work for the big event, although they did not know how to begin.

The rabbit, very cunning as ever, began by saying that he was going to dress up as a turtle. It would make a large shell so that with its weight, it could walk more slowly. The turtle, in turn, said that his costume would be a rabbit, that he would make very, very big ears to show off at the Carnival so he could run more and not get lost.

And so every animal in the forest began to prepare for the Carnival.

The bear has disguised himself as a lion because his dream was to be brave; the lion disguised himself as a bear so that he could be more sweet and affectionate. And so with everyone.

The big day had arrived and all the animals got up early to give them time to dress up, put on makeup and everything else.

As promised, the zebra returned to the forest to collect the animals for Carnival. Each animal that left his house surprised the others and made them laugh a lot.

And that's what the animals did throughout the Carnival party. They took more than one surprise, they laughed a lot, and the best thing, they got together to dance, and share hapiness and heat on days so cold.

And colorin colorado this story is over...

Reading comprehension is a fundamental step for the child to learn to read correctly and show interest in reading. Therefore, below we propose some exercises related to the story of 'The carnival costume of the animals'.

1. Reading comprehension questions
Will your child be able to correctly answer the following reading comprehension questions? If you fail in any (or almost none) it means that you have paid attention to the reading. In case of doubts, you can reread the story as many times as you want.

- Why were the animals so happy?

- When is Carnival celebrated?

- How many days does it last?

- Did the animals dress up?

- Was it hot or cold at the party?

2. Complete the phrases
As an alternative exercise, also for reading comprehension, here are some sentences that your child has to complete based on what he has read in the story.

- The one who was driving the truck that arrived in the forest was a ____.

- The condition to go to the Carnival party was ____.

- The animals had a great time at ____'s party.

3. Order the following phrases
Suddenly, a great gust of air has come and has thrown the story out of place. Oh no! Since We ask your child for help to reorder the following sentences related to the story. Thank you very much in advance!

- The animals were very surprised because they had never heard of Carnival. Luckily the zebra explained everything.

- All the animals had a good time at the Carnival party! There were songs, colors, costumes, games ... The animals forgot how cold it was!

- All the animals wanted to participate in the Carnival party, as it seemed very funny. So everyone started thinking and making their own costumes for the occasion.

- One day, a zebra driving a truck came to the forest. It was announced with music that there was only one week left for Carnival to take place.

The main animals in this story dress up to celebrate Carnival in style. However, there are many other fun activities that we can propose to children on these dates. Here are some suggestions that you can put into practice at home. Remember to take into account the age and preferences of your child before carrying them out.

- Prepare delicious typical Carnival recipes
There are many typical Carnival dishes, and they are all just as delicious! Organizing a gastronomic day at home can be a great idea, especially if you prepare all the recipes yourself. Pestiños, sweet flowers, honey soups, pumpkin tortillas, fritters, pancakes ... What is your favorite preparation?

- Organize a costume contest
How could it be otherwise ... At Carnival you cannot miss the costume contests! However, this contest that we propose is more special. And is that one of its main rules is that you cannot buy the costume, but you have to do it yourself at home. What will be the funniest homemade costume?

- Talk about the origin of Carnival and its traditions
It is possible that your children, like the animals in this story, know that Carnival is a date when we dress up and have parties. But what are we really celebrating? The truth is that there are different versions of the origin and reasons behind this celebration.

There are experts who assure that, in its origin, this party was destined to celebrate the good harvests or all the good that was to come. The farmers of the time dressed in masks and painted their faces to scare off evil spirits.

This celebration is also present in Egyptian civilizations, in Greece, in Rome ... And so, Carnival has survived to this day, passing through different times and countries. There is no doubt that it has become an international party that has survived, with its changes, until today.

It is worth reflecting (as is done in the research work published in Gabriel Darío's Anthropology Notebooks from the University of Buenos Aires 'The mythical sense and the metamorphosis of the everyday in carnival'), on how this festival has evolved. Nowadays, Carnival has also become a product of the cultural industry, far removed from any religious or mythical sentiment that it might have in the past. How do you want to celebrate it with your children?

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