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Carnival stories for children

Carnival stories for children

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In you will find original stories to read aloud to children about carnivals. These are new and unpublished stories in which the Carnival party is the protagonist.

Short stories about animals, stories about princesses, stories with costumes ... We offer you a small selection of Carnival stories for children, so you can entertain your children and have a fun time.

There is always a great excuse to read stories to children. Because that way they rest better at night and go to bed more relaxed, because we have to help them with reading skills, to improve their understanding, because we want to teach them values ​​or because we are at a time of year with a lot of ambient stories in it. What if one of the Carnival plans is to tell stories?

These stories that we present below they are perfect for reading to children since they are short, easy to understand and contain a pinch of magic that the little ones like so much. Encourage your child's imagination with these stories full of fantasy where all the protagonists share something in common: their theme is related to Carnival.

There is an activity that all children love from a very young age: dressing up. And it is that the fact of feeling for a few minutes or a few hours like their favorite fictional characters makes them gain in self-esteem. Dressing up, in addition to being an entertaining and fun activity, can bring many benefits for their development:

- Helps them express themselves
Children who are very open and sociable have no problem or 'shame' when it comes to putting on a suit, but what about those who are more shy? For them, the Carnival party is the perfect opportunity to uninhibit.

- Boost your imagination and creativity
One of the good things that the internet has brought is being able to access more information without leaving home. Your child can ask you for your tablet to get ideas of the costume that they have asked for at school. Perhaps it has happened to you like me, that the theme is 'to go with reasons different countries', and my eldest daughter has to go from some element related to Spain and, the little one, from France. And this is how we are preparing a Canarian banana costume and a French painter costume, and the best thing is that they are helping me.

- Encourage relationships between colleagues
Children can choose to go dressed up alone or also in a group. It's nice to see you talking about what they are going to do, how they are going to organize it, who is going to take care of what!

- Develop children's spontaneity
Through the typical songs of these dates and games, children forget their routine, relax from stress and do everything without thinking and spontaneity. They bring out their funniest side, that which they often keep in the depths of their hearts.

- Encourages symbolic play
Sometimes children choose a costume of a superhero or a fictional character, but at other times they seek to put on a costume that makes them become real firefighters, astronauts and policemen. And it is that the symbolic game helps them to know the real world and to assimilate and understand everything that surrounds them.

- Strengthens family ties
The Carnival party not only has to be reduced to the moment when the children go to school, it can continue later at home. In fact, it is something that can make you bond much more and have a fun time all together.

In addition to taking advantage of these days to tell stories that take place in a carnival atmosphere, there are many more things you can do with your children these days! You choose the costume that the rest we put on.

- The game of the tracks
Hide various treasures throughout your house that, with some clues that you give them, they have to find them all.

- Act out a play
As each child will be disguised as something different, it is an excellent time to put on a play and have each one represent a different character. Laughter is guaranteed!

- The movie game
Write the names of movies your children know on paper. Then put them in a bag and take them out one by one. They will have to, without words and only with gestures, guess what their partner is trying to tell them.

- Chained words
Let's put the children's vocabulary to the test! One says a word and the next has to say another, but that begins with the last syllable of the previous one. For example, Thing-Bag-Tail-Lamp ...

- Who is who?
Write the names of all the children on a piece of paper. Each one has to take out a piece of paper (it cannot be theirs, if so, they will have to return it to the box) and draw the person who touched them. How will they be? It sure is great!

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