It cannot be more beautiful. Cute short poem for children about the field

It cannot be more beautiful. Cute short poem for children about the field

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The warmth of the sun on your skin, the breeze that caresses your face, the song of the birds that relaxes you ... How beautiful the countryside is! Do you usually go out into nature a lot with your children? Contact with nature is very beneficial for everyone, for children and adults. This short poem tells children about the field in a very cheerful way.

We have accompanied this nursery rhyme with some exercises and educational activities that can help you work on certain concepts with your children.

Below you can read this beautiful poetry that talks about the plants and animals that can be found in the field. It is a poem of 5 stanzas, and each of them has 4 verses.

Through the field they fly together

the birds and butterflies,

spring is coming

and they appear unruly.

The dancing hummingbirds

while spreading wings

colored butterflies.

by the field fun

and snakes and reptiles

they no longer appear asleep.

The river is a meeting place

its channel is awakening,

the restless animals

The wait has been long

well it has been desired,

full of color the field.

It cannot be more beautiful!

By exercising reading comprehension, your child will better understand everything he reads and it will cost him less to keep his attention on his tasks. By reading poetry, like this one that talks about the countryside, we can work on it. But these poems can also help us to practice other concepts that children have been learning at school.

Here we propose some exercises and educational activities from this short poem.

1. Reading comprehension questions
The questions that we ask you below are easy to answer and refer to what you have just read.

  • Do you remember some of the animals the poem mentioned?
  • Are there flowers in the field of poetry?
  • Do you think that, being spring, there will be water in the river?
  • Do you think the poet likes to go out to the country in spring?

2. Make an essay about the field
Going out into nature is a different experience for each of the people who live it. Anyone who likes to be out in the country may feel relaxed and at peace. But if it suddenly starts to rain and thunder, you will no longer feel that calm. Just like someone who hates contact with the natural environment, for whom an excursion will not be a completely pleasant experience.

So asking your child to write an essay describing how he sees and feels the field can be a very useful exercise. In addition to realizing his vision of the field, you will be able to practice his penmanship, his written expression, his spelling and his grammar.

3. Language exercises for children
Finally, we propose an exercise based on what children learn in language class. Depending on the level of your child, you can propose one or the other.

  • Find two qualifying adjectives in the poem and put them in the singular, plural, masculine and feminine.
  • List three nouns from poetry that are plural. What is its singular form?
  • In what time, manner and person is the verb 'run around'? And 'dancing'? And to be'?
  • Find a watered down word that has an accent and a trowel that does not.

4. Turn the poem into a dictation
This poem can become a wonderful verse text that you can dictate to your child. You will learn a lot from it!

If you want to read more poetry and stories to your child that talk about nature and the beauty it gives off in the spring season, take a look at the following educational resources that we propose. You are going to love them! Furthermore, after reading each one of them, you can propose reading comprehension exercises to your child similar to the ones we have just proposed. You just have to adapt them to the new story you have shared.

You usually read and recite a lot of nursery rhymes with your child. You should know that sharing this literary genre with the little ones has many benefits. Which? Here we talk about some of the most important ones.

- Awaken the sensitivity of children
Thanks to poetry, children will open up to a new universe where they can show all their sensitivity. Poetry can even be a good resource for your child to learn to talk about how he feels, as well as to understand some of the basic emotions of everyday life.

- Promote reading
Poetry always likes children, as it is fun, different from what they are used to and very attractive. For this reason, through poetry, we can encourage reading among the little ones, both in the poetic genre, as well as in the narrative or theatrical genre. Children will learn to appreciate how valuable books can be.

- Learn new vocabulary
Like any other text, poetry can contain new words that your child can incorporate into his vocabulary. But, in addition to this, poetry also teaches spelling. And is that when your child gets used to seeing the words correctly written, he has no doubts or mistakes when writing them himself.

- Work memory
If, in addition to reading the poems, you take the opportunity to learn them by heart, you will be exercising your mind. After memorizing it, your child will be able to recite it wherever he goes, so he can surprise family and friends by dedicating some beautiful verses to them.

- Get closer to other worlds
Thanks to poetry, we can bring our child closer to other worlds or other places. Books are a window open to knowledge, so it is the ideal excuse to discover realities that escape us in our day to day.

- Stimulate imagination
And finally, we cannot ignore that poetry is a great stimulus for the imagination and creativity of our child. Within a few verses, there is room for all the dreams, illusions and magic that we can think of.

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