My brother is a mess. Poem for children about adolescence

My brother is a mess. Poem for children about adolescence

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Often times, even we adults don't really understand what adolescence is. We only know that we are very afraid that our children will reach that stage of life. To help children understand a little better what it means to be a teenager and especially to have a sibling who is this age, Marisa Alonso has written the children's poem 'My brother is messy'. We have to read more poetry with our children!

Then you can enjoy with your child with this short poem that talks about the brother's adolescence. It is a 4 stanzas nursery rhyme; each of them also has 4 verses.

Mom gets mad at Jorge

on the floor of his room

everything appears thrown away.

Can't find the shirts

because they are piled up,

plays very loud music

and he doesn't know anything.

Mom calls loudly

but Jorge doesn't listen to her,

talk and talk on the phone

I have listened to my parents,

they decide to be patient,

Well I heard them say

that it's only adolescence.

Since Guiainfantil.com We suggest you use this poem to practice the reading comprehension of the little ones, but also other skills related to study. Here we propose some exercises!

1. What is adolescence?
As soon as you finish reading this poem, we suggest you ask your child this question: what is adolescence? You can also ask about some of the behaviors teens have and why. Their answers are sure to surprise and amuse you!

Thanks to these questions, you will not only be able to know what is the perception that your little one has about this stage of life, but you will also discover what idea has been made of adolescents after reading these verses. Therefore, it is also a way of assessing the child's level of understanding and attention.

2. Complete the phrases
Here are some phrases that are missing a word. If your child has been paying attention to reading the poem, they will be able to complete them easily. In case of doubts in any of the answers, you just have to read it again.

  • The brother of the boy who tells this story is named ___.
  • Likes to listen to music at a very ___ volume.
  • What happens is that Jorge is a ___.

3. Reading comprehension questions
Here are some questions that will help you test if your child has understood the poem well.

  • Why is the mother angry with Jorge?
  • Why can't Jorge find the shirts?
  • Who is Jorge talking to on the phone?
  • How have the parents decided to behave with Jorge?

4. Derived words
Derivation is the process that allows us to form new ones through prefixes, suffixes, etc. For example, a word derived from flower is florist. Next, encourage your child to think in derived words of these examples taken from poetry:

  • T-shirt
  • Mother
  • Patience

In addition to practicing reading comprehension, from this short poem you can propose a multitude of games to your child. Here we suggest some.

- Complete the poem
This poem introduces us to Jorge and a small conflict he has with his parents, but how does the story continue? Encourage your child to make up more verses for this poem telling what Jorge is like when he's at school, who his friends are, what his relationship is with his brother ... or any other dramatic twist that comes to mind!

- Turn poetry into the lyrics of a song
You just have to invent a melody (or choose one of a children's song or even a modern one that you like) and adapt this poetry to be its lyrics. You can also make a rap with this poetry. How would it look?

- Organize a play
Starting with poetry, or with puppets, you can organize a play at home in which Jorge the teenager is the protagonist. You will have a great time!

- Dictionary race
Write down all the nouns in the poem ... and the race begins! Each of the participants should have a dictionary in hand. 3, 2, 1 ... Whoever finds the first word wins!

- The rhyming game
On a piece of paper, write words that rhyme with each other: sweet-bear, honey-skin ... Make your own poem from these couples! It sure is the most fun.

And, to finish, we suggest other stories and poems that talk about children's growth, their autonomy, the learning they do every day ... Our little ones are getting older!

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