6 fun short poems that tell kids about emotions

6 fun short poems that tell kids about emotions

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How wonderful is the genre of poetry! Not only does it enhance the creativity of the little ones in the house, it teaches them vocabulary and encourages the habit of reading; it also allows us talk to children about different emotions. Therefore, short poems like the ones we propose below are a fantastic educational resource to work with our children on their emotional education.

We propose 6 poems that talk about emotions such as joy, sadness, pride or fear. In addition, we accompany you with some activities that will help you enjoy the verses even more.

We started this small compilation of poems about emotions with a smile in the face. And we started talking about ... joy! To read these verses, we have to take our rocket and travel to space, since the protagonists are the moon and the stars.

ยกI'm happy!,

shouted a star

shouting to the sky

and the moon and the stars

they answered at the moment:

We are happy for you,

but you should shut up

it's time to take a nap

and we want to rest.

Stop bothering now!

Did you like this funny poetry? It is the perfect excuse to start talk to the little ones in the house about space, Something that amazes them! After enjoying this poem about the stars, you can talk to your child about what the Solar System is or read a story about how it was formed. If you dare, you can even make your own model of our neighboring planets. Guaranteed fun!

Feeling proud of ourselves, for all that we have accomplished, is also very important. It is a way of valuing and motivating ourselves to continue making efforts for what we want or seek. To teach children what it means to 'feel proud', we suggest a short poem of only two stanzas.

Climbed rung by rung

to the last step,

came up with a lot of work

he reached the top.

Was there a few minutes,

he enjoyed the landscape,

and soon after it went down.

This poem can help you reflect with your little one about everything he has achieved so far and everything he would like to achieve. To help you lead this conversationHere are some questions that you can ask your child: Do you ever remember that you felt pride? How did you feel? Can you also take pride in what other people achieve? What dreams or wishes would you like to achieve? What would make you truly proud of yourself?

This poem that we propose below suggests a very interesting reflection that you will only understand the children a little older. Talk about two fishermen, one who lives in the sea and the other on land. Both are happy with the life they have decided to lead, although one does not understand that the other has chosen this lifestyle. And it is that, in the end, each one must find their own happiness, what makes them feel truly comfortable.

In the sea there is a boat

he has no home on earth

because he chose so.

On earth another man fishes

looking at him with pain,

because he thinks, wrong;

That a home never found

Two rods, two fishermen,

two lives and a thought,

two very different men

but both very happy.

Apart from reflecting with our son on the poem, to make sure that he has understood it well, we can take advantage of these verses to ask him make a nice picture about the story told. When your little one makes his drawing, we can understand if he has understood the true message of poetry. And, even, his illustration could give us some clues about which of the two fishermen your son is positioned with.

What is sadness? Although no parent likes to see their child sad, the truth is that it is a basic emotion that we all feel at some point. In contrast to this, we can feel very happy at other times. The poetry that you are going to be able to read below talks about a butterfly that is very beautiful that, however, is very sad. Find out why.

Flying from flower to flower

they saw her in spring,

they envied her beauty

and they did not see his blindness.

His big dark eyes

they let see their sadness,

of extraordinary beauty.

Sad cute butterfly

among all the most beautiful,

although their eyes do not see

everyone looks at her.

Have you ever encouraged your child to memorize a poem and then recite it in front of friends or family? This short poem is ideal for this, although you can learn it together with your child to make it easier for him. You can recite it together and have a great time together.

Fear is an emotion that we all feel at some point in our lives. Childhood fears evolve as children grow older: fear of being away from mom, fear of the dark, fear of rejection ... The following poem talks about some squirrels that are afraid of a crow and they decide that it is better to hide.

A black raven has come

scaring the squirrels,

we see none today

jumping along the banks.

I have called them insistent

but none have come out,

until they see that the raven

taking flight is gone.

That's why they have hidden

What did you think of this poetry? As you have already seen, it does not give a closed ending about what squirrels do to overcome their fear of the crow. Therefore, after reading, you can ask your child what he thinks the squirrels could do to stop being afraid of the crow. Maybe they have to face him? Maybe they all have to go out together to help each other? Speaking on this topic, sure your son will reflect about how he can act to overcome what scares him.

The poem that you will find below is a little longer than the previous ones, but it is very useful for talking with children about the emotion of anger. Explain to the children that after misbehaving with someone, we must ask for forgiveness. This poetry is a source of inspiration to organize a play telling the story of the angry moon and sun, don't you think?

The sun and the moon

nobody in heaven

you know what happened.

All your friends

they are worried,

in millions of years

they have never fought.

The red moon

moves away from the sun,

and turns his back

very bad mood.

The stubborn sun

does not want to go out,

and the day is coming

They will insist!


Jupiter and Mars,

Venus and Neptune,

they all come together

behind Saturn.

Suddenly comes

the Pole Star,

Pluto and Earth

they have gone looking for it.

To this great star

with a fame of fair,

he likes nothing.

Listen to the moon

talk to the sun.

Finally the two stars

come to their senses!

The moon already laughs

the sun laughs too,

with remorse

they ask for forgiveness.

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