8 values ​​that families can extract from the coronavirus crisis

8 values ​​that families can extract from the coronavirus crisis

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The coronavirus has managed to put the world's population in check. Beyond being a medical challenge, it is testing us as a society and as parents. Hysteria versus common sense, personal selfishness versus collective well-being, the apocalyptic and conspiratorial message versus trust and foresight… If we stop for a moment to reflect, we will be able to realize that the coronavirus is giving us the opportunity to offer some learnings and values ​​very important to children. But we, parents, also have a lot to learn and reflect on the situation we are experiencing.

Although it may seem otherwise, there are certain lessons we can learn from the current pandemic situation that we are experiencing with the coronavirus. The pedagogue Andrés París has encouraged us to reflect on this. Only then will we be able to extract some learnings that will make us question ourselves but also the type of education and upbringing that we offer to children. Let's see what are some of these lessons we can learn from the coronavirus.

1. Teach what it means to be responsible
The pandemic situation we are experiencing due to the progression of the coronavirus requires us to be responsible. And this means, putting aside some of the things that we would like to do (go to the movies, go shopping, spend the day with grandparents ...) for the common good. We must be responsible and heed the recommendations of the experts. And if we live in one of the regions where they recommend that we stay at home, we must appeal to our responsibility and heed it. It is time to teach children what it means to be responsible.

2. That children learn what it means to be good citizens
In relation to the previous point, the coronavirus gives us the opportunity to teach our children what it means to be good citizens. It is a good time to offer them learning that will be very useful for their present, but also for their future: learning to live in society.

In a situation like this, we must convey to them that 'what is best for everyone' must prevail over 'what I want to do'. And this is one of the things it means to be a good citizen: to do things for our city and to be empathetic with our neighbors (who might not be as healthy as we are).

3. Generate commitment to our social role
The situation that the coronavirus is leaving us is extraordinary and, therefore, we must reinforce our commitment. We must teach children that in these types of situations we have to commit ourselves to seeking the good of all. Commitment is a value that children will be able to extend to the rest of the facets of their lives: with their friends, with their future jobs, with their responsibilities, with their studies ...

4. Behave with common sense
Our behavior must be responsible and that means we behave with common sense. This means that we must teach children that the behaviors of mass hysteria or the false beliefs that we are generating cannot lead us to panic. However, acting with common sense is also to stop thinking that the coronavirus is nonsense or something made up. It is about finding a committed attitude that helps control the spread of the coronavirus.

5. Be more aware of the importance of our example
How are we going to educate parents in responsibility or civility if we ourselves are not having responsible and civic behavior in times of the coronavirus? It is time to be even more aware of the importance of our example for children. We cannot forget that parents are the first references for children and, therefore, our behavior is a model of guidance.

For example, as much as we tell our children that we should keep it calm, if our own behavior does not denote calmness and common sense, we cannot expect them to believe and listen to us. Reducing the spread of the coronavirus requires an exercise in sacrifice and responsibility, but it is also an example exercise.

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6. Learn good hygiene habits
On the other hand, the coronavirus also gives us the opportunity to learn (and transmit to our children) certain daily hygiene habits. Although we already knew them before, it seems that the spread of this virus has made us remember them and put them back into practice. Examples of these habits are frequent hand washing, sneezing or coughing into the elbow instead of the hand, etc.

7. Assist responsibly to health centers
Within the section of being more responsible with what society needs, we cannot ignore that the coronavirus has also reminded us that we must use the emergency services of our hospitals and health centers wisely. In addition, given the effort and good work that health professionals are doing, we are also learning to value their work.

8. On the part of educational centers
And finally, we cannot ignore that the coronavirus is providing a reflection at a global level from which we can learn a lot. On the one hand, it is giving the opportunity to some companies to reflect on measures to promote the conciliation of their employees, in teleworking, etc. Educational centers are also using this situation to reflect on new methods of distance education and the development of the necessary tools for this.

What other lesson do you think we are learning from the coronavirus?

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