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Spring stories for children

Spring stories for children

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Children's stories about spring are ideal for explaining to children the changes that occur at this time through imagination and fantasy. A story can help children understand the values ​​of nature, flowering, and the passing of the seasons. Below you will find a tray full of stories about spring for your children to discover this wonderful time of year and learn to respect nature and the environment.

In much of the planet spring it's present. It is accompanied by good weather, more pleasant temperatures that invite everyone to leave the house and enjoy life outdoors. Nature, now tinged with colors, awakens a desire in children for everything around them.

Children ask, talk, investigate, explore, experiment and try to make sense of everything that relates to the environment. What better way to teach children what spring is about than through children's stories?

Stories to read to children in spring

The story of a tree. Story of a tree is a beautiful short story to read with our children. Children's story about respect for Nature to instill values ​​in children. It is a short story full of values ​​to read with children. Story about the love of Nature and respect as an educational value.

Beautiful butterfly. Lucas an adoptive baby. Children's stories for your adopted son. Children's stories with values ​​to read with children.

Don arbolón. Ecological children's stories in Spanish by new authors: Don Arbolón. Publish your story on the internet. One of the ways to transmit and instill in children love and respect for nature is that precious story by Don Arbolón. Through stories, children can acquire values ​​and learn to value and defend nature.

Itzelina and the rays of the sun. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially encourages children to respect the common good, and to share everything in the world, including the sun. A nice story about respect and the need not to be selfish.

The great miracle. Stories written by parents for children. our site shares the story 'The great miracle', which tells of the great miracle of nature. The birth of a butterfly. New stories from our readers. Publish your story on the internet.

Little frog, the frog. Discover the story of Ranita, the frog. our site offers a story for children to learn the value of respect, and not to judge others by their appearance or by the differences they present. A story that speaks of humility.

Two inseparable friends. This story tells us the adventure of two inseparable friends: a bear and a fox. A story to educate children about the value of friendship and respect between two people.

Pedrito and the snail. The story 'Pedrito, el caracol y la babosa' is a children's story about generosity and kindness. This story especially awakens a sense of kindness, generosity and friendship.

The albino burrito. Respect for diversity is one of the values ​​developed in this beautiful tale about an albino burrito. Through stories, children can be educated and encouraged to have good behavior in all situations.

Bambi. Bambi, a story for children. A children's story that talks about traditional family values, such as love and friendship. Story to read and teach children. Classic stories to read with children. Children's Stories. How to encourage reading among children.

Field mouse and city mouse. Once upon a time there was a mouse that lived in a burrow in the country and another mouse that lived in the wall of a house in the city. The story of Country Mouse and City Mouse, tells the difference between living in the country and in the city. With this story, based on Aesop's fable, children can learn the value of humility.

Since our son is little - we mean when he is in Mom's gut - he is used to hearing our voice. Surely you spoke to him, you told him things and you even explained what life was like out here. True?

And is that your voice can change the life of your child. What if we continue this tradition of telling stories to children? The benefits for your well-being, your happiness and even your future work are many. Take note!

Benefits of reading for the development of the child

- Children will be able to expand their vocabulary.

- It will allow you to better understand and take other subjects at school.

- You will have a greater motivation to go to school, because you will understand the subjects better.

- You will improve your grammar and spelling.

- You will suffer less school failure in the long run.

- And, of course, all this will give you more job opportunities.

Positive effects on your emotional and social well-being

- Children who read and those who read stories are happier.

- They develop more their empathy towards others.

- It allows them to better develop their communication skills.

- From a psychological point of view they are stronger.

- They have lower levels of stress and anxiety.

The good weather that occurs during the spring is ideal for inviting the children to get out of the house for some very fun activities. has selected a few for the family to enjoy this beautiful flower season.

- Discover the flowers. Their colors are everywhere, in parks, in gardens ... Teach your children to differentiate one flower from the other. In this way, they will learn a lot about nature.

- Visit tobacconists or lakes. The fish, the ducks, begin to appear more at this time. Listening to the song of the birds will also be very interesting for them. Explain what they eat and what they do in Spring.

- Go to farms schools, where children can see up close and even touch some animals such as chickens, sheep, rabbits, goats, cows, among others.

- Start playing a new game or sport with the children. It is the ideal time to teach them to ride a bicycle, to take trips with tricycles, skates, scooters, to play rope or hopscotch, to practice physical exercise outdoors.

- At home, children can learn stories, fables, poetry or poems about spring. Nothing better than spring to bring children closer to reading.

- Do you dare to make a dictation that talks about spring? It's a great exercise for kids to review spelling and grammar as they learn more about this season of the year.

- The science experiments they are also very stimulating for children. Experiments with water, with fire, and with other elements. How to make water walk or learn to make a rainbow.

- Another very fun activity is the Crafts. Let's take advantage of the leaves, the petals of the flowers, and everything that nature offers us to make curious and interesting crafts. You can even use the balloons to make flowers.

- Go to the kitchen with the children to make recipes with spring foods. Fruits, typical vegetables of the flower season. You can find some spring recipes to make with children.

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