17 games at home to improve children's reflexes and coordination

17 games at home to improve children's reflexes and coordination

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Games are essential in the development of boys and girls, and this is true for one-month-old babies and 13-year-olds. The activities, both directed and free, help the little ones in the house to have fun, let their imagination run wild, grow and develop both physically and mentally. Here we give you a few ideas of Homemade games to improve children's reflexes and coordination. They are also great for strengthening joints both indoors and in the garden or patio.

Let's start by seeing a series of perfect games to do at home with which boys and girls can exercise muscles and joints in addition to improving their reflexes and motor coordination, by the way, moms and dads are also invited to play and have fun at big.

1. The wheelbarrow
Do you remember how the wheelbarrow was played? One gets on the ground and another takes him by the legs so he can walk using his arms. The one who is standing works strength and coordination and the one who is on the ground improves the joints of the arms and reflexes. Your children will not be able to stop laughing!

2. At the back of the potato
'At the potato run, we will eat salad, as the gentlemen eat ...' A game of a lifetime with which your children will improve motor coordination. Don't forget to put background songs!

3. Upside down world
One acts as a guide and the others have to imitate him but in reverse. If, for example, he says "up" the others crouch, if he says "stay" they will have to run. It's time to work on the coordination of each one!

4. Follow the king
Here the idea is to quickly imitate the one who at that time has the role of king. Whether you decide to walk around the house, climb into a chair, or crawl, others will have to use all their wits and reflexes to do the same.

5. Chairs and music
The game of chairs and music surely you know it too. A few chairs are placed in a circle, the music is put on and, when it goes off, everyone will have to sit down, well, those who can because each time we will remove a chair. Let's see who is the fastest!

6. Stand on one leg
What else indoor games can we do to strengthen joints and balance? Well, something as simple as standing on one leg. To make it more interesting for the children, propose it as a challenge, to see who can hold out the longest! A little trick to keep your balance better: look at the same thing in front of you all the time.

7. Play cartwheels
I don't know what happens when we get older than doing cartwheels is very difficult for us, right? However, it comes out to children as if nothing happened. Well, you should know that it is another fun game with which they can work on motor coordination and strengthen joints.

8. Walk on a line marked on the ground
Let's see how large and small carry balance and reflections. Mark a fine line on the floor of the house and try to walk on it without leaving and without holding on to anything. This is an activity that you can also do outside the home.

9. Bartender career
Take a book, put two or three soft objects such as wax or a stuffed animal on it and see who can run from one part of the house to another without dropping it.

10. Crawling races
And for babies who haven't learned to walk yet ... a fun home crawl race! Perfect for improving gross motor skills.

11. Hand foot
This game is laborious but you will surely love it. The silhouettes of the hands and feet have to be prepared on cardboard or cardboard, then they are placed on the ground and then we will demonstrate all our expertise when walking on the silhouettes by placing our hands and feet where indicated.

We have just seen a series of games to do at home with which we can strengthen our joints, reflexes and motor coordination. Well now it's the turn of the home activities that require more space. Therefore, the best place to practice them is in your garden or patio at home.

12. Obstacle race
A whole gymkhana in the park or in the garden with friends in which we can play while strengthening muscles and coordination almost without realizing it.

13. Jump rope
Did you know that a lifelong game like rope jumping also helps to strengthen joints and improve motor coordination? Yes, and it also tends to be liked by boys and girls of all ages.

14. Bicycling
Taking a bike ride is another great activity to strengthen joints and motor coordination. Write it down on your list for when the sunny afternoons come. This activity is only suitable if you have a very large patio or garden at home!

15. Climb up the slide
Tell your child to climb the slope of the slide and climb on benches, chairs and other furniture that you have in the garden. You won't need anything else to develop your coordination while having a great time.

16. Kicking a soccer ball
Kicking the soccer ball is also very useful for exercising lower muscles and joints. You can become a goalkeeper or goalkeeper to prevent the ball from destroying what you have in the garden.

17. Soap bubbles explode!
Throw a few soap bubbles into the air and encourage the children to explode them, with this, in addition to laughing out loud, they will be developing their coordination and balance. You can not ask for more!

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What do you think of the games to strengthen children's joints, reflexes and motor coordination? Which of them did you like the most? Are you going to do one with your children?

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