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The school. Biography on Malala Yousafzai Tale for Children

The school. Biography on Malala Yousafzai Tale for Children

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You don't have to be old to make history or be brave and Malala Yousafzai proved it to the world. So that your children know more about their life and their achievements, we propose the biography in Malala's tale that Elena Barroso has written dedicated to all children. Accompanying this story you will find reading comprehension exercises and other educational resources that talk about the history of other great women in history.

The last star in the sky was fading when the youngest of the family was born. Little Malala opened her big brown eyes and stared at her mother.

- She is a beautiful girl! Behold! - said the father to the neighbors of the village.

Being born just before dawn bodes well according to Pashtun culture, but no neighbors congratulated Malala's parents. They were saying:

- A girl? These are bad times to be born a woman in the Swat River Valley ...

Malala however grew up happy. What he liked best was going to school. There he learned incredible things and discovered that what he did best in the world was thinking and counting things.

In Mingora, which was the name of her village, some rumors started: 'The Taliban are going to forbid girls to go to school,' Malala heard her father say.

- Father! They can't forbid me! I want to go to school!

Thus, the little girl continued to grow more angry with what was happening around her:

- If they take away my school, they take away my freedom ... - he lamented.

But Malala didn't give up so easily. She would find a way to keep thinking and counting things. She wanted the whole world to know what was happening in her country: she was determined and she would find a way to do it.

One fine day, when he was only 11 years old, he met an English reporter ...

- What are you doing? She asked him.

- I count things.

- To who?

- To anyone who wants to listen to me. Now I tell the world what is happening here in Pakistan.

His eyes shone like the last morning star of the day he was born. There was his opportunity: I will tell you everything that is happening!

Thus, Malala was able to continue thinking and counting, which was what she liked the most. She passed him secret notes with what was happening to him and what he thought, and he was in charge of sending them to England to be written on a blog.

What he told did not go unnoticed. She began to become famous and they did interviews with her.

The Taliban were increasingly angry and decided to search for her to attack her:

- ¡¡¡¿Who of you is Malala? !!! - they asked loudly on school buses.

One day, they discovered her and really attacked her, so she had to go far away, to another country.

But Malala did not forget her friends in Mingora and continued to tell the world what was happening to them. And being still a girl, they have given him awards for doing it, because sometimes what is not counted is as if it were not happening:

'Some children don't want consoles, they want a book and a pen to go to school.'

It is important for children to know the fact that your reality is not the only reality, and that all over the planet there are other children of the same age, who suffer very difficult and unfair situations. Malala's story is a true story, of a woman who is contemporary to us and does not talk about things that are from the past, but rather about things that are happening now in our world.

We propose some questions to work attention and memory, but also some questions that make us reflect as a family, and thus analyze the understanding of the text always through dialogue.

1. At what time of day was Malala born?

2. Why did the villagers not congratulate the parents on the birth of their daughter?

3. What were the Taliban trying to do?

4. Would you like to be banned from going to school? Why?

5. Do you think there is any use in telling the world about the injustices that you see happening around you?

As you have read in this short story biography, Malala's fight and courage made her name go around the world. In fact, in 2014 he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks to her commitment to the schooling of all the girls in the world, this issue began to be talked about and world leaders began to fight to change this. Even though there is still a long way to go, Malala's struggle was not in vain, as the following sentences of his that have already gone down in history demonstrate.

- We live as a family of countries. It is necessary that each member of this family receive equal opportunities for economic, social and especially educational growth (…) If one member is left behind, the rest can never continue forward.

- My goal is not to win the Nobel Peace Prize. My goal is to achieve peace and my goal is to see education in all children.

- We had two options: be silent and die or speak and die. And we decided to talk.

- A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.

- The voice has power, people listen when we speak; It is not about fighting terrorism with violence but with words.

- Part of human nature is that we do not learn the importance of anything until something is taken from our hands.

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