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April 15 is the day of Santo Telmo. Names guide for boys

April 15 is the day of Santo Telmo. Names guide for boys

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Knowing the origin and meaning of names can help us decide on one or the other to call our baby. The same is true of the saint to whom he refers. Therefore, this time we are going to learn more about names for children and more specifically about Telmo. The day April 15 is celebrated on the day of Santo Telmo, in honor of Pedro González Telmo. Let's find out more!

Telmo is one of those names that when you hear them don't go unnoticed: you like it or you hate it; it does not leave you indifferent. If you are one of the first and you are considering it as an option to call your baby you have to know what is its origin and meaning.

In the case of this name, there are several theories that try to explain where this nickname comes from. The most widespread explains that Telmo is a variant that has been derived from Erasmus (impossible not to remember Erasmus of Rotterdam, right?). This is explained because Erasmus is also known in Italy as Elmo and, from the union when pronouncing Sant-Elmo, the name Telmo could have arisen. Interesting, right?

It would be understood, therefore, that it is an Italian name, formed from Erasmus who, in turn, is has Greek origin. This means 'kind' or 'affable'.

The calendar of the saints reserves the date of April 15 to celebrate the saint of San Telmo. This is the date on which this saint died in the year 1246. However, there are also those who celebrate the festival of this name the day before, on April 14. Be that as it may, we are going to know a little more about Pedro González Telmo, who would become San Telmo. Some experts explain that there is a certain parallelism of this saint with Saint Erasmus of Formia (Saint Elmo), leading to confusion between the two saints.

Pedro González Telmo was a religious from Palencia (in Spain) who was born in the year 1190. With the support of his family, who was of good birth, and his uncle who was the bishop of the city, he was ordained a priest and studied in University. He even got a special bull to become dean before he was old enough to do so. About this episode in his life, legend has it that when he went in a procession on his beautiful horse to occupy his new high position, he fell into the mud and all his neighbors laughed at him.

Curiosities aside, this saint came to be the confessor of King Ferdinand III of Castile, Quite an honor for the time! In fact, it was Pedro González Telmo who encouraged him to march towards Córdoba and Seville to drive out the Muslims who lived there. Did you know that he is considered the patron saint of sailors?

Let's know some curiosities related to San Telmo and this beautiful name that you are thinking of using to call your baby.

Have you ever heard of the fires of San Telmo? As we told you before, there is some confusion about whether this phenomenon bears the name of San Telmo or San Erasmo de Fornia (even if these were the same person), since both are considered the patrons of sailors.

The San Telmo fires are a phenomenon that has been observed by sailors from different parts of the world. It is a white or blue glow that is observed in the upper part of the boat, as if they were lightning or flames of fire. The explanation behind this is difficult to understand if you are not a specialist in it, but it is related to the ionization of air and electric fields.

There are several sailors who throughout history have collected this phenomenon in their logbooks. Even Christopher Columbus himself observed them. His son explained them as candles lit above the topsail. Some sailors considered them a sign of bad luck, but others saw it as a sign of their patron San Telmo, who accompanied them on their way.

As a curiosity about the name of Telmo, we also tell you that there are some cities, regions and neighborhoods in the world that bear this name. This is the case of the San Telmo town in the Balearic Islands (Spain).

As a game, we suggest you discover what the numerology of the children's name Telmo says. To do this, we must add the value that each of the letters that make up the name has, according to the position it occupies in the alphabet. In this case we would have: T (2) E (5) L (3) M (4), O (6). When adding these numbers we have 20, which when adding its figures, we know that the number that corresponds to Telmo is 2.

Children who relate to the number 2 tend to be very generous. They do not usually have any problem sharing their belongings because they are also kind at heart. So much so, that sometimes they take advantage of them and their good intentions. In addition, we cannot forget that they are children with a very special sensitivity. They are great!

And if you like Telmo because it is neither a very long nor a very short name, then we suggest other names for boys that also have 5 letters. Before finally deciding on Telmo, consider these other nicknames.

- Mario. According to some experts, Mario is an Etruscan name that refers to the warrior god Mars. However, others accept that it is the masculine form for Maria.

- George. This is a strong name that celebrates its saints on April 23. Its origin is Greek and refers to those people who work the land.

- Kevin. The origin of this name is Irish, no more, no less! Its meaning is related to beauty, as it is something like 'beautiful from birth'.

- David. Another 5 letter name that we really like is David. It is of Hebrew origin and means 'the beloved'.

Above all, don't forget to congratulate all the grandparents, parents and children whose names are Telmo every April 15!

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