Easy math riddles for kids

Easy math riddles for kids

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Riddles and puzzles help children stimulate logical thinking and reasoning. On our site we have selected a series of easy math games for your children to learn by playing.

Easy math and number puzzles for children to solve and apply all their deductive and reasoning skills. They are very funny.

1. What is the number that is worth less if you put it backwards?

2. In a tree there are 3 birds, a hunter shoots them and kills 1, how many are left?

3. How can a mother distribute three potatoes to her four children?

4. What number is worth 0 if you take half of it.

5. Two parents and two children enter a subway station. They buy only 3 tickets and pass without problem, how did they do it?

6. What number has the same number of letters as the value it expresses.

7. What weighs more a kilo of iron or a kilo of straw?

8. A farmer has 3 piles of straw in the field and 2 piles of straw in the haystack, if he collects them all, how many piles does he have?


If you have thought enough or think you know the answer, look at the solutions here, were you right?

1. The 9.

2. None, the rest flew away scared by the shot.

3. Making a puree.

4. The 8.

5. Grandfather, father and son enter the subway, a total of two parents and two children.

6. The 5, because it has 5 letters.

7. They weigh the same: 1 kg

8. I would have a lot.

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