Why do children get bored and complain so much

Why do children get bored and complain so much

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'I get bored', 'I get bored'. How many times a day can you hear this phrase from your children? It may be that the days of daily with the school and the extracurricular ones do not pronounce it much, but what about the weekends or when you are on vacation? Doesn't it give you this detail of why children get bored and complain so much?

Some parents, in order not to increase the boredom of their children and not to keep hearing the same phrase over and over again, manage to find something to do your children. They go to the library or bookstore on the hunt for a fun book for them, or simply search the shelves for a board game or craft to make.

Others refuse to suppress their child's boredom. Get bored, period. The child remains in a bad mood, throws a tantrum, cries, and in many cases ends up being punished in his room. And I wonder: which of the two attitudes is the most correct?

I think there is no such a definite solution. It is not so easy to handle this situation. I honestly nor I can believe that today's children get so bored. Today, especially, they have everything ... or so it seems.

Why are children so bored? Is that normal? I think not. What's more, I think that everything is the consequence of a daily routine with too much control of us parents over them. Schedule for school, for extracurricular activities, for homework, sports, etc. And since there is little time left to play, the parents are there to organize even the children's games, to tell them what, how, and with what they can play. Many children today already get everything 'chewed up'.

They don't know what to ask for, they don't make an effort to learn to create, to imagine game situations. And of course, as soon as they get tired of playing on vacation, they get bored. Children miss discipline, to the previously controlled daily, to the habitual agenda. They are children who are used to following a script every day.

I think that during vacations or on days when children do not have school or other activities, the best thing is for parents to seek to dedicate time exclusively to their children and if possible away from home. Away from the stages and from the 'clapperboards', and from the agendas.

They should teach their children that with boredom you also learn, and that there is a time for everything even to do nothing. In addition, boredom can be transformed into a race, playing outdoors with the sand on the beach or in the park, or even dressing up as princes and princesses, awakening your imagination and creativity.

Boredom can become a great idea in the kitchen, washing the car, bathing the dog, and many other simple things like walking hand in hand, and talking. In any case, I think that the 'I get bored' is a way of attracting attention, since in reality children do not have convincing reasons to be really bored or perhaps there is the mistake, today's children are hyperstimulated!

As parents we must leave them spaces and we must allow them to get bored because there are so many things that our children can learn when they have nothing to do. These are the six reasons why it is good for children to experience this emotion that, although it may seem unpleasant (don't worry, it's temporary, just as it comes it goes) is very beneficial for everyone, including the elderly:

1. Boredom outside the classroom awakens the child's interest in looking for new things and for innovating

2. Through this emotion the child is able to learn to reflect and to analyze what happens.

3. If the child is not bored and is overloaded with activities, the only thing that can happen is that he becomes stressed.

4. If this emotion comes,the child can learn to wait and to be patient.

5. Boredom It will also make the child have to struggle to fill a time.

6. When the child has nothing to do, further develop your creativity.

Here are different educational tools or resources that you can use to talk to children about boredom:

- I'm getting bored
Why is it not bad, but quite the opposite, that children get bored from time to time? The story of Pablo is a clear example. Share it with your child and reflect on it together.

- For boredom. Short poem about children's creativity
Boredom can reveal some hidden talent that until now we did not know, and that is the best tool to work on children's creativity and imagination. Do you want to know what the protagonists of this poem do when they get bored?

- The boat of boredom to end the reluctance of children
At times of boredom, children may need a 'helping hand' because they are already out of ideas or a bit blocked. Try creating your own boredom boat!

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