21 home games for two children to play and have fun as a couple

21 home games for two children to play and have fun as a couple

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Home games are wonderful. They serve to have fun, of course, but also for boys and girls to let their imaginations fly, develop their creativity, ingenuity and autonomy and at the same time improve in specific skills such as language, writing or psychomotor skills. Hence, on our site we have thought of proposing some home games for two children, whether they are friends or brothers, play as a couple... and have a lot of fun!

Children need to play, since this activity is vital for the acquisition of the main skills and knowledge, especially in the first years of life. While solitaire play brings great benefits to the little ones, we cannot forget that the game is also an important socializing agent.

As stated in the study 'The game as a learning tool' by María Isabel Benítez Murillo for the magazine Innovación y Experiencias Educativas (from the Independent Trade Union Central of Officials), the game has great socializing power for children, who must learn to respect the rules that allow peaceful coexistence between the players. Games are the perfect excuse for children to meet and interact with other children. Through this playful space, children learn social skills that they will maintain in adult life.

If your child's friend comes home often or you have two children and you are looking for ideas of traditional and modern games that they can do by themselves, wait and see what we have come up with. We have classified them by age to make it easier for you, however, you can also suggest to your children that they themselves think about a game to do as a coupleSurely if you give them a footing, great ideas will come to mind.

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Babies of this age have the need to be with mom and dad, but that does not mean that you cannot encourage them to play together with activities as simple and fun as the ones we show you here.

1. Passing the ball, what fun!
If the children already know how to sit by themselves, you can put them so that they are facing each other and place a soft ball next to them. Teach them that one has to pass the ball to the other, you will see that they like it so much that they have a good time with this simple game. Do not forget to take a photo of them, it will be a wonderful memory.

2. Classify objects
Babies around one year of age love to sort things out, be it socks or toys. Well that is the same idea that has occurred to us, that the children spend a while putting everything in its place. They will learn, little by little, the importance of ordering and doing it as a team.

3. The water game
Has the good weather come to your city? Then you have another perfect game for two children up to two years of age to play together. Fill a bucket or small pool and allow babies to have a great time wetting their hands and feet and splashing and splashing as much as they want. Always under the supervision of an adult!

4. Discover your favorite toy
What is your children's favorite toy? Surely you are thinking that they are still too young to know. But, nothing of that! At an early age a predilection for one game or another develops. Tell the babies to stand next to each other and put some toys in front of them, see if you can guess which one they go first. Once they have chosen, tell them to play together for a while.

Children of this age are explorers, curious and very critical, they do not do with anything, so we have used all our ingenuity to find these homemade games, we hope you like them a lot!

5. Let's see who can last longer without laughing
Have you ever played this? Surely yes. The two children look at each other and have to be very serious. The first to laugh loses the game. It is a very fun activity!

6. Rock, paper or scissors
Rock-paper-scissors is a perfect game to do between two children; Surely you already know the rules: paper (the hand horizontally) beats rock, stone (closed fist) beats scissors, scissors, (two fingers) beats paper. Who will be the best of three?

7. Shadow games
The children will make figures with their hands that will be reflected, thanks to the shadow, on the wall of the room. Suggest that they use a flashlight and look for ideas in a book to represent, for example, forest animals. Even you will want to play shadow theater!

8. Soap bubbles
This activity is ideal to do on the terrace at home. One child blows soap bubbles and the other explodes them, then they switch roles. What is simple? Ideas like these so basic are usually the favorites of children, and if not, wait and see how you hear them laugh. Did you know that you can make your pompero with materials that you have at home?

What do we have for boys and girls of these ages? Well some games that you yourself played in your childhood. The two children will be very entertained playing for a while alone and you can do other things, by the way, don't forget to save some time to yourself, it is very necessary!

9. Play clapping
How many nursery rhymes do you know? We talk about those ditties that are accompanied by clapping games. Perhaps your children already know some of them but you can show them others for the two of them to play whenever they want.

10. Even or odd
The hands behind the back, one says even and the other odd (odd) and the two players put their hands in view showing some of the fingers. Now all the fingers are added and it is seen if the result is odd or even. It is a fun activity that will help you understand this mathematical concept.

11. Paint with waxes and also with tempera
A drawing between two, which we will later give to mom and dad or put on the wall of the room. You can let them draw on a blank sheet of paper or offer them a pre-printed drawing to color. They will have a great time and will have to agree to make their creation satisfactory for both of them.

12. The hideout at home
Let the children play hide and seek, you will see how they have fun. If they mess up a lot, that will be the next activity for the two children to do, clean up the house a bit. They can play inside your home or in the garden or patio.

13. Follow the leader
One of the children assumes the role of leader, he has to do a number of things: hopping, running down the hall, doing squats ... and the other boy, the follower, has to imitate him in a hurry. They will repeat for sure!

How fast children grow! It seems that they were born yesterday and look how old they are ... If your son and his friend, or your two children are between 6 and 8 years old and you want them to spend some time playing by themselves, these are the activities that you can do propose.

14. Board games of a lifetime
Parcheesi, goose, tic-tac-toe, sink the fleet ... and any other that you have at home and that is for two players will be the perfect pastime for the afternoons at home or for the weekend.

15. Guess the animal
One child thinks an animal and the other has to guess it. Clues such as imitations or the letter it begins with are supported.

16. A shared tale
You already know that we are fans of reading, so this is another activity that has occurred to us for two children of this age: shared reading. One child reads a chapter or a few pages and the other continues. Reading comprehension questions can be asked to each other so that they are not confused when it is their turn to be listeners.

17. The challenges
I dare you ... to take a walk around the house with a limp. Well, I challenge you to make up three rhyming verses. And so they can spend the entire afternoon. You will see that they even propose a home family challenge to you.

And finally, we have these games for two boys or girls from 8 to 10 years old. You'll see how fun they are!

18. Board games for thinking
As children of this age have a great capacity for learning, we suggest that they play checkers, chess or the deck of cards together. Board games are also ideal for gaining mental agility.

19. Names beginning with ...
Give me a city name that begins with A, a profession that begins with C ... Children can create their own cards and then have fun playing with them. It is a very fun variant of the game tutti frutti o stop.

20. We pretend to be journalists
This activity is done by themselves and then they look for their interviewee to complete the game. They write a series of questions and then act as 'gossipy' reporters. Take the opportunity to remind them that before the question and the answer a hyphen is put.

21. Crab race
The two children tie their ankles, one to the other and, trying not to fall, they must go from one side of the house to the other. If necessary, remove tables and chairs beforehand so they have more space. Laughter and physical exercise in the legs are guaranteed!

Couple games are the most fun!

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