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The dinosaur and the fish. Children's story in pictograms about effort

The dinosaur and the fish. Children's story in pictograms about effort

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Sometimes we parents go crazy looking for correct educational tools to transmit teachings to our children. Did you know that stories can become a perfect resource to talk to children about values? Also, Through the stories children can gradually increase their vocabulary and improve their reading skills.

The story that we present to you this time is very special. It's called 'The Dinosaur and the Fish' over the effort value and comes in pictogram format. Don't you know what they are? It is about substituting a word for a picture for the child to guess. Shall we start?

This story in pictograms is perfect for children who love animals because its protagonists are a dinosaur and a fish. Also parents will like a lot because of the topics they talk about and because their children can learn great life lessons.

And, like many classic and traditional tales, we begin with the famous' Once upon a time a little fish lived with his family in a pond within a dense forest. The father of the little fish was the king of all the fish in the pond and there they spent their days in peace and quiet ... '

One day a large dinosaur that lived in the forest came to the pond. He was so thirsty that he started to drink the water and finished with half. The fish, worried that the dinosaur might come back the next day and finish drinking the water from the pond, went to the king fish for help.

However, the king fish could not find the solution. Then the little fish, son of the king, said he had an idea. The next day, the dinosaur returned to the pond ready to drink its fresh and rich water and to end this forever.

The dinosaur proposed a deal to the little animal: make a race from one bank of the pond to the other. If the dinosaur won, he would drink all the water he wanted; if the fish won, the dinosaur would be gone forever. What nerves!

The fish accepted the challenge and started the race. The dinosaur had no doubts about winning because he was very big and with just a few strides he would reach the other extreme. But at the start of the race, the fish swam as fast as it could.

The dinosaur was so heavy and slow in the water that it went slower than the fish, who finally won the race. Thus the dinosaur had to turn around defeated before his little opponent and look for another pond.

And now it's time to carry out reading comprehension activities and games around this story. Do you feel like it?

1. Question-answer
We start with something simple and that will test the attention span and, why not, the memory of our listeners. Will they be able to answer all these questions correctly?

- Why did the dinosaur go to the pond?

- Whose son was little fish?

- What challenge or challenge did dinosaur throw to fish?

- Who won the race?

- What happened after the competition?

2. Draw a dinosaur and a fish
If there is something that children love to do and that they do it in a great way, it is to draw. Leave them the pot of paints (waxes, watercolors ...) and let their imagination run wild. Maybe they make animals like the ones shown above or innovate something.

3. Create the second part of 'The Dinosaur and the Little Fish'
What do you think will happen in the pond after the race? Where will the dinosaur go? If your child is curious about what will happen to the two protagonists of this story and to the other characters, we suggest that you write the continuation of this story. It will be very fun!

The story reading It can be a way of talking to children about effort and improvement, but what else can parents do from home?

- Give an example of improvement
Parents are the mirror that our children look at on a daily basis. If they see us laying on the couch, loitering and complaining all the time, what do you think they will think? And above all, how will they react when you tell them they have to work harder to get good grades?

- Every effort needs motivation
Younger children do not know how to motivate themselves with what your words and your praise towards their behavior or attitude will have a great weight in achieving their goal. 'You can' or 'You are doing very well' are phrases that you should hear often.

- Out of pressures
Parents have to understand that the child needs their process and their time and that we cannot demand things from them that are not appropriate for their age. For example, you can't expect your three-year-old to spend an hour doing homework. It is impossible! The ability to concentrate is not yet developed.

- If you want it to be exceeded, change the orders for suggestions
You have to let the child make mistakes and do things himself, so he will feel more proud of his work. This implies that you have to forget the orders (they will be a heavy weight for him) and replace them with advice or suggestions that he will welcome and accept in a better way.

- Out of expectations
It's okay to set goals, but you shouldn't be obsessed with them either because the only thing they can generate in the child and in the parents are frustrations. If objectives are set, as long as they are real and feasible. No impossible things!

If your children have liked this original way of telling stories, you are in luck! On our site we have a section dedicated to pictograms with a lot of stories, but also poetry. You will love them all!

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